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Best Statement of Purpose Architecture, Ukranian Applicant

Allan Bloom saw education as movement from darkness to light. Similarly, completing one of the finest Architecture programs in the world will develop my potential on every level – intellectual, professional, and personal. I hope to be selected for your highly competitive Master’s Program in Architecture not only as a result of my outstanding academic preparation, but also the great passion and creative ideas that I have for serving as an advocate for the disabled in architecture. With international working experience and familiarity with European architecture, I am convinced that I will be able to make important contributions to diversity at XXXX.  I am especially excited about your Green Building Research Center and the possibility of contributing to ongoing research through this institution; this would represent the pinnacle of my professional dream.

I have solid academic preparation for your program since I hold two Masters Degrees from National University of Construction and Architecture in my home country, the Ukraine. The work that I have done so far is the best testimony to my purpose and what I hope very much to accomplish in the future, including 9 projects as an undergraduate ranging from a children’s playground to a multifaceted tourist center. Four of my course projects as well as my final thesis project were collected for the University archive for future presentation as a good example of creative work. As a graduate student, the fact that I designed not only a residential community and a high-rise building, but also an entertainment facility, points to the diversity of my interest and the opportunities to which I will be attracted in the future.  

Among other areas of special interest, I look forward to a lifetime of research into the design of ergonomic architecture that improves the freedom, mobility, and subsequently the quality of life of disabled people, particularly those that are wheel chair bound.

There are a lot of improvements that still need to be made in transportation and working environments for people with disabilities. I see myself as a promoter of universal principals and practices in architecture that make buildings more accessible for people with disabilities.  

My sheer intellectual curiosity frequently causes me to lose track of time when I am hard at work on a research project, especially when working with a new topic. Sometimes, I am still at it when the sun comes up. Environmental-friendly and sustainable design, innovative building technologies and materials, eco-friendly materials, energy-efficiency studies—this is the center of my world. I started developed this area of interest from university by participating in annual conferences devoted to sustainable design, I did a report every year. After graduation I continued to give my all to research in this field, completing projects that required extensive research concerning energy-efficiency material and techniques and careful use of natural resources in order to incorporate eco-friendly materials into our construction. I am excited to have a long professional lifetime exploring all possibilities and avenues that present themselves for further investigation in this area.

I feel that I am an especially good fit generally speaking with the liberal milieu of XXXXy and the many humanitarian thinkers that are attracted to your campus to give lectures and provide support to new generations of worldwide leaders struggling for a better tomorrow through their work in every field. I have international work experience that also enriched my life with network connections with professionals in my field all over the world and a well developed understanding of European architecture, designs and trends. My travels, always with an architecture focus, especially across much of Europe, have helped me to see and better understand many of our greatest architectural treasures here in the West, often spending many hours just looking, admiring, reflecting.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a Ukranian woman who is as well traveled as I am well read, and conversant concerning architecture trends on a global level. I appreciate the great diversity of XXXX and keenly look forward to swapping stories with other students from all over the world, especially those whose task is made more difficult by the fact that they come from a country that is currently experiencing high levels of social and political conflict such as the Ukraine.

I am a leader who actively participates in student and community life. When we had group assignments in university, I slept less than most of my classmates and I think this is because I simply was so driven to complete the project successfully. I initiated and led our brainstorming process and developed strategies since I felt responsible for the positive climate in the team sometimes serving as a conflict mediator. While there were some applicants with higher scores, none worked harder than I, as I am focused and tenacious, always making my studies my top priority, sometimes forgetting to eat meals. As I see it, the purpose of my life is to exercise my creativity; in the same way that a fish swims. I focus on originality in the projects and search for my own style.

Studying towards my Master’s Degree in Architecture at XXXX, one of the most rigorous and thoroughgoing programs in the world, will challenge me at ever bend in the road to perform at my ultimate capacity.  I look forward to a total immersion experience in Architecture that taxes me much more than anything that has gone before, investing in myself and my future. Architecture fulfills every aspect of my being, morally by creating space without barriers for the disabled, intellectually for many reasons, such as the sheer diversity and multidisciplinary character of our field, and the way that architecture is unique to every society on the planet. For me, architecture is a way to touch hearts. I exist on this planet to design buildings. I am a dreamer and I want to contribute to building the perfect city where all people will be happy to live. I look forward most of all to the challenges that I will take upon myself as a graduate student at XXXX.

I thank you for considering my application.

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I hope very much to be accepted to your distinguished MDes Program in Design at XXXX University because I see it as the most unique and finest program of its kind in the world and I feel like I would be an especially good fit for your program. I feel strongly that my undergraduate studies in architecture while still a student in my native India, along with the Master’s Degree that I earned in 2012 in Urban Planning, will inspire me to important contributions to class discussions at XXXX University, especially when we are on the topic of designing cities.

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I like to think that I distinguish myself among students of Architecture with respect to my language skills coupled to my embrace and celebration of diversity. Since I am from Hong Kong, my mother tongue is Cantonese but I am fully trilingual because I began studying both English and Mandarin Chinese in primary school. Most importantly for my English, I completed a total of six years of study and finished high school in New Zealand. I also took part in a half-year exchange program with Korea where I learned basic communication and reading skills in that language as well. I have visited both the US and Taiwan, and went to Japan for several weeks as part of a Tokyo study trip with schoolmates in Architecture along with our professors.

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