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Master's Management, Italian-American

My name, Flaminia, means priestess and torchbearer. I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, of Italian-American descent. The Via Flaminia, built in 220 BC, is an ancient Roman road that spans Italy to the Adriatic coast. I am convinced that this name, its meaning, my origins, and birth city have deeply shaped my life and represent my character. The name and the road connect my interests in people, culture and business management. As a priestess, I have leadership and mediator qualities. As a torchbearer, I believe in lighting the way in the face of difficulty, finding solutions to problems in all aspects of life. The Via Flaminia was one of many roads that opened Rome to distant lands, thus promoting commerce, law and order, while permitting the creation of the vast Roman Empire, a phenomenon of management and leadership.

In a world concentrated on short-termism, I am fascinated by long-term goals, and the discipline, rigour, planning, and team harmony that go into them, all traits of my personality that I believe match the commitment that a place at Imperial College Business School requires. At this point in my life, as I complete my third year of a BSc in Business Management at King’s College London, anticipating the award of a first-class degree, I find myself particularly drawn to Product and Brand Management, as well as Marketing. In fact, to date, I have completed modules covering International Marketing, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Corporate Social Responsibility, Digital Marketing, Accounting & Financial Management, and Marketing Strategy & Planning. The self-motivational, analytical, and evaluative skills in a set context of business that I have developed during my undergraduate degree not only co-ordinate but complement each other. No doubt this will provide me with a strong basis, to support the analytical, communicative and statistical requirements of a Master’s in Management.

I spent last summer interning in the Brand & Communications department at CartaSi, which is managed by Icbpi, the leader in payment services in Italy. I enjoyed the intimate and extremely collaborative environment that I found working as part of a small team that enabled me to gain experience and to embody the firm’s founding values in just over one month. I joined the team at a critical time: Icpbi was in the process of developing a new industrial plan, having just received an investment of 5 billion euros from Advent, Bain Capital & Clessidra, with the intent of revolutionising the Italian payment services.  Hence, I contributed to developing the company's rebranding strategy as well as positioning it in the market. Furthermore, I worked on the development of a new debit card, and carried out a thorough competitive analysis, acquiring the skills needed to properly communicate the launch of a payment product.

I have also had the opportunity to see the world of marketing close-up and ‘in action’ during two further internships, one at Spring Studios in New York City, and the other at HSD Europe in Brescia, Italy. These experiences provided a broad introduction into Marketing and the ways in which a variety of products and services are presented and promoted effectively. This helped to strengthen my persuasive written and oral communication skills. While at Spring Studios, I was given the opportunity to assist in selecting 42 of the most inspiring and acclaimed photographs ever printed on the cover of Life magazine and in organizing the resultant exhibition. I also helped coordinate an event for Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Campaign. This enlightened me as to the ways in which a business with a social conscience can do enormous global good while promoting itself.

Another experience that has left an indelible impression on my life is the Catholic Mission I embarked on, in Peru. Managing a team of fellow student volunteers, I mastered the arts of patience and respect, of cultural consciousness, and curiosity for the unfamiliar and diverse. There, we constructed homes for the homeless, played with disabled children, and chatted with the forgotten elderly members of the small Cañete community. A better generation draws on solidarity, curiosity, and empathy, and although I left for Peru to fulfil my desire of giving back, I actually received more in return. This experience has taught me to never stop cultivating the values of being adaptable, collaborative, and discrete.

Even while in high school, before I fully comprehended what the word ‘management’ entailed, I undertook managerial roles, due to my gregarious personality and innate organisational nature. I set up a local English language baby-sitting/tutoring club for the families of my international school peers. I was also the captain of my varsity tennis team and a member of the soccer team, two roles which gave me leadership experience, while making me aware of the benefits of effective collaboration. Further, I also enjoyed promoting teen events in Rome while working as a ticket sales consultant.

Growing up between Rome, New York, and London, I developed a passion for fashion, both from a consumer and business perspective. If I could have one wish granted with regards to my future career, I would ask to be given a position on the Executive Committee of LVMH, one of the leading luxury fashion houses. A diligent student, intellectually curious and enthusiastic, I have travelled widely, and am at ease with people of all social and cultural backgrounds, having grown up in a bi-cultural family and being surrounded by a cross-cultural team of classmates since nursery school.

I keenly look forward to the opportunity to network with representatives of leading businesses and to form relationships with peers who will no doubt be future leaders, is also particularly incentivizing. Considering my preference for working in the fashion/luxury world, the modules Innovation Management, International Marketing, as well as the Digital Business Pathway can equip me with a thorough appreciation for innovation, a key for luxury industries to remain competitive in our fast-paced world. In order to compliment my passions, the programme also offers a relevant study abroad opportunity at HEC.  

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MBA Healthcare Management Chinese Applicant, Healing from the abuse suffered in her home in China

Now 29 years old, I am a Chinese woman who has been in the USA for 4 years studying and I have earned my MA Degree in Education with a focus on Mental Health Counseling. I hope to be accepted to your distinguished MBA Program in Healthcare Management so as to round out my career and give me the ultimate preparation that I need to make my optimal contribution to my society as a health care administrator, wherein lies my true calling. I was drawn to the area of mental health, counseling, and therapy because, while growing up in China, I was subject to a great deal of abuse, most of it based on the fact that I was the child of a single mother. I was seen as having less value and potential than a little girl who had a father. The degradation was bitter and I suffered to such an extent that I went through periods where I had regular, re-occurring thoughts of suicide. Since early adolescence, however, when my mother took me to see a mental health counselor, I found hope and gradually began to heal. I now feel strongly that my greatest joy in life will come from helping others as an administrator of a mental health care facility for children and adolescents that have been abused and/or traumatized.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

PHD Entrepreneurship, IT, E-Commerce, Helping China, Chinese Applicant

The PHD Program in Entrepreneurship at the University of XXXX is my first choice because I feel that I am an excellent fit with your focus on innovation as the central component of progress in terms of human as well as economic development. I feel strongly that I have the kind of solid and extensive background in the social sciences, quantitative studies, and information technology that will enable me to distinguish myself as a graduate student in your program at UXXX. Probably most importantly, I look forward to contributing to class discussions and projects in your doctoral program as a Chinese professional who aspires to become a recognized expert in the field of innovation in China, with decades to come publishing original empirical studies of what works and what does not, and why, with respect to many kinds of innovation in China. I see your PHD Program in Entrepreneurship at UXXX as the perfect program for many reasons including the location and the wonderful resources both academic and in terms of commerce that exist in XXXX, XX in addition to the University itself.

I very much appreciate both the interdisciplinary character of your curriculum as well as the way it is geared towards intensive research. I feel strongly that my research experience will help me to hit the ground running at UXXX and excel as a graduate student. The more I read about XXXX, XX, the more it sounds like the perfect mid-sized city and I am most excited about the prospect of getting to know more of Missouri.

My goal is become a university professor and to help China to make more rapid progress in the areas of human resource management, development and how to foster, encourage, and support entrepreneurship through innovation. Throughout my studies in Economics, I have increasingly become convinced that we must proceed to develop in such a way as to make the best and most efficient use of our finite resources, investing in people rather than luxury and planning our development in sustainable ways. Information system management plays many critical roles in both public and private sectors of Chinese society and streamlining IT can help us to reduce cost and save resources, making production processes more efficient. The need for innovation in information system technology management will only increase in importance as we continue to interconnect our global economy.

Born and raised in my native China, I came to the US at 19 and soon began college at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay, graduating in 2012 with my BBA and a focus on economics. In May of 2016, I earned my Master’s Degree in Applied Economics at XXXX University where I cultivated a special interest in and talent at econometrics and forecasting. I have become particularly skilled at SPSS, SAS, and Data Visualization-­‐‑Tableau.

I now hope to continue my studies at the UXXX and earn my terminal degree in the areas where my greatest talent and passion lie: entrepreneurship and innovation. I am a young Chinese woman with a global mindset and an intense dedication to the advancement of women, in particular, in IT fields and E-commerce. Nothing excites me more than the psychology of internet behavior and research is my greatest joy. My time at XXXX was one of the greatest periods of my life, working alongside and coordinating with professors and performing various tasks in support of empirical and comparative research, especially conducting statistical and econometric analyses using Eview, SAS and STATA.

I was also devoted to research as an undergraduate student, serving as a Research Assistant for Professor XXXX, assisting him for nearly two years with data collection through an online survey, preparing and analyzing datasets and performing data analysis using SPSS. By the time I finished my undergraduate degree at UW, I was already quite familiar with the literature on trust, privacy and E-commerce, much of it I learned working with Dr. XXXX. We created posters summarizing our research and presented them at the Capital Building at Madison, WI and the UW System Symposium. I also presented two papers that resulted from our research at the 6th and 7th Midwest Association Information System Conferences. One of our projects received the best paper award. Working alongside Dr. XXXX helped me to better understand how to go about doing research on both theoretical and practical levels, enhancing my analytical and creative skills and also improving my ability to give en eloquent and concise presentation.

As a graduate student at Marquette, I carried out multiple research projects in economics and advanced my skills still further in data collection and analysis; learning how to build forecasting models by using Excel, SAS, Tableau, and Stata.  One special highlight of my graduate education was serving as a Teaching Assistant for the class “Principles of Microeconomics”; assisting the professor in the preparation of course materials, holding office hours, counseling students, and grading homework assignments. I adore teaching and I am anxious for the next opportunity. Information systems like big data are expanding and developing in China and showing great promise. I almost think of it as my civic duty to focus on China and to devote myself to research in this area so that I can make my maximum contribution to my society, helping to improve communications, operations, and general efficiency and productivity. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished doctoral program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of XXXX.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration