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OT Bridge Program COTA to Masters, Pakistani

Your Master’s of Science Program in Occupational Therapy at the XXXX Institute of Technology (NEIT) is my first choice among bridge programs from COTA to the Master’s Degree in OT. I am especially attracted to the idea of weekend classes. I have gotten to know students from the XXXX who graduated as extraordinary professionals and professional role models.

New York City is my home. I recently visited your new East Greenwich campus and was most impressed with the streamlined organization of your campus, offering education at its highest level of development. I also appreciate the breadth and depth of your curriculum, and I am hungry to get back to full-time study and immerse myself fully in my greatest passion: Occupational Therapy.

I also very much respect the stated mission of the XXXX, and I feel strongly that I share this same mission of service to those who most need our help. I excel through continued hard work and self-improvement, each day asking myself what I can do to improve the well-being of my clients and foment teamwork among my colleagues. I have a can-do attitude and I persevere.

I look forward to devoting many decades to come educating about wellness and helping my clients to live life to its fullest despite their particular limitations and hurdles.

I came to America from Pakistan when I was 18 years old. Now 25 and a highly dedicated COTA who could not be more passionate about his work, I made the honor roll in high school despite the language gap I had to overcome and twice made the Dean’s List in college. I enjoy helping my younger brothers and sister with homework and academic-related projects. I help my elderly neighbor with grocery shopping, and I do whatever I can to satisfy all of my neighbors when it comes to my attention that they are somehow in need.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at XXXX as a Pakistani, a Muslim man, and a multilingual OT professional of tomorrow who often currently works in Hindi or Urdu in addition to English and looks forward to developing special outreach as an OT professional to the many speakers of these languages in the NYC area. I also encourage awareness of the importance of Occupational Therapy back home in Pakistan, where there is great need but not yet much awareness.

I have very much enjoyed over the last few years working with clients that have diverse diagnoses. I have found special joy working with CVA and spinal cord injury patients. Every night I go to sleep with the intense satisfaction of having helped people. In order to maximize my contribution in the future, I intend to devote a lifetime to the advances in technology that are most useful for OT.

I thank you for considering my application to the XXXX.

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