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Master’s Global, Financial Economics, Indian

My professional objective is to spend the rest of my life serving society as a business consultant, especially internationally. Although my MBA is from XXXX, which provides its students with one of the best foundations in the business in the world, to accomplish my goal of providing my clients with the big picture and to enhance my understanding of directions and business trends, I feel strongly that I need to compliment my MBA with a second Master’s Degree in Economics. The University of XXXX is my first choice not only because of the sheer excellence of your program but also the fact that your location is ideal under my present circumstances.

I am very keen to use the ten years of business experience I have gained working at such distinguished, cutting-edge companies as XXXX & Company while also earning my MBA at XXXX. My long-term goal, in addition to serving as a consultant, I also hope to go on to earn a Ph.D. Degree in Economics and devote me to a long and productive career in Economics research. This new direction in my career has been prompted by the fact that I enjoy answering philosophical and theoretical questions – I want to learn to understand and work with the big picture.

I earned a Certificate in Economics as an undergraduate after liking my first class so much in this area. Now, I am driven to pursue Economics in graduate school due to my sheer enjoyment of theory. My years as an investment professional required me to use my classroom training in Financial Economics and deepened my interest in the field. Studying Economics as a graduate student will continue to make me much more valuable as an employee.

XXXX attracts me because one of the objectives of the Master of Arts in Economics Degree is to prepare its students for doctoral programs. The school has a strong track record of placements into higher education, and the faculty is actively published in journals of repute. Also, some of my current interests fall within the options available at XXXX: Financial Economics and Global Economics. Finally, I would prefer to pursue a program in LA, where my family currently resides.

My classroom preparation derives from courses I took in college and during my MBA, including International Economics, National Income Analysis, and a foundational Principles of Economics class. My computer science degrees gave me an intermediate proficiency in mathematics and statistics. In all degree programs for which my GPA was calculated, I obtained a cumulative grade of at least 3.0. The MBA was an exception: the GPA was not calculated on the transcript. Also, I prioritized getting a job during a weak economy (2008) and building relationships with my classmates rather than prioritizing my grades during the MBA. I gained experience as a Computer Science graduate research assistant at Stanford and Georgia Tech, where I received hands-on exposure to the lifecycle of peer-reviewed academic research from concept through publication. As a research assistant, I identified problems, proposed, tested, and communicated solutions through oral presentations and documents.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX.

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