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LOR CAAPID, International Dentist, Indian

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX XXXX, DDS and I am writing this Letter of Recommendation on behalf of XXXX XXXX who I could not more highly recommend for selection and admission to your DDS Program. I am a General Dentist and my practice, North Side Dental, is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am from Edmonton and received both my Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) and my Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree (DDS) from the University of Alberta.

XXXX shadowed me from May through September of 2015. She came to my office every Wednesday and Thursday faithfully and stayed from 10 am to 5 pm every day, often staying longer as we found our conversations about dentistry to be most engaging and we truly enjoyed sharing our dental adventures together, our professional hopes and dreams. For almost 5 months, I had the finest support that I could imagine having every Wednesday and Thursday. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, I felt her absence and the days were longer, more challenging, and most importantly, not as exciting as the two days when XXXX was by my side. She shadowed me but also assisted to varying degrees with all sorts of dental treatments and procedures including fillings, root canal treatments, extractions, invisaligns, etc.

XXXX and I are both children at heart, which helped us to bond and to share many wonderful ideas about way to deal with children during dental procedures, especially developmentally and mentally challenged children. This was our focal point and where we both got most excited and learned the most from each other. XXXX stays very involved and engaged with dentistry 24/7, shadowing dentists like myself, attending CDE programs, etc. She is a very dedicated professional and a most keen observer; she listens, and always perseveres. I appreciated, in particular, how she was always punctual, even coming early sometimes.

XXXX cultivated very cordial relations with our entire staff including dental assistants, receptionist and dental hygienists. She lent a helping hand even around the office. She left because it was her time, quite literally, as her pregnancy was advancing and it was time for her to return to India to have her baby with the support of her family. After coming back to Canada, XXXX moved to Ontario because of her husband's job and we stay in touch frequently writing back and forth, she shares with me her challenges and joys as a volunteer in the Dementia Unit of Dr. XXXX XXXX’s Care Center.

I deeply admire XXXX for her compassionate nature and her desire to help those in greatest need. It would be a profound pleasure for me to provide any further details about the most excellent professional capacity and talent of XXXX for dentistry and her vast potential from my perspective for being an enormous asset to the dental profession; and to the underserved in particular.






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