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Best Personal Statement of Purpose, Masters Facilities Management

Your Masters of Science Program in Facilities Management at the XXXX Institute in New York is my first choice for graduate school because of your location as well as the fact that I am convinced that my background in Architecture will empower me to excellence in your program. I also admire the sustainable focus of your program and the research directions of your faculty. Now 25 years old, I permanently immigrated to America from my native India only 6 months ago. An architect, I immediately began looking for work in my field. Everything is so different here in the USA, however, from computer programs to building materials, that I need very much to retrain, retool, and continue my education here in America at the graduate level. I could not be more enthused about turning my efforts now to the management of facilities, the area in which I am convinced that I will be able to make my fullest professional contribution.

I find myself very much attracted to the XXXX Institute because of the sheer excellence of your program and the way in which I very much admire the research directions of your faculty. I see your MS Program in Facilities Management at XXXX as the flagship program in my area of the country in this area and I am deeply thankful that I do not live far away and could easily commute. I came to the USA this past July 2, 2015. In November, I began working in the warehouse at I appreciate my work at Amazon because of the chance that it provides me to observe closely how a mammoth physical operation is operated with the latest technologies, many of which are quite interdependent. I appreciate the interconnectedness of technology and expertise and have a great passion for this area will help me to excel in facilities management at XXXX. Each day, Amazon has new targets which are usually accomplished as a result of our hard work and heightened sense of teamwork.

I hope to learn as much as I can at XXXX about facility maintenance as practiced here in the USA, what I see as the most advanced society on the planet, particularly in terms of architecture. I have chosen Facilities management because my long term goal is to become a real estate developer. Thus, I need to attend a cutting edge and creative program like XXXX where I will advance to the cutting edge not only in design but also strategic thinking, especially about maintenance and operations. I began going on field trips to construction sites as an undergraduate, to get to know about real world challenges and problem. During my third year of my college, I was elected as a treasurer of a student council committee and I faced pretty tough challenges yet was able to solve them with the help of team work.

I also completed an internship with the Earth Foundation (India) working on government building projects before coming to the USA, preparing project reports with specifications of quantities of materials required. I look forward to a long professional lifetime of managing projects. I have a passion for traditional architecture and building preservation as well as renovation.

I received my permanent residency card for the US in July which led me to New York. I am gearing up to hit the ground running in your distinguished Facilities Management Program at XXXX by reading as much as I can in most of my free time in the area of facilities management on the one hand, and sustainable architecture and development on the other. I thank you for considering my application to your competitive program.

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