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Masters Real Estate, NYC, American Woman

XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because I see New York City as the dynamic cutting edge of real estate development in America. Even though I was born and raised in San Francisco, which has a lot to offer culturally and economically, I have fallen in love with NYC. XXXX not only has what I see as the most exemplary Real Estate Master’s Degree Program in New York, but its location could not be more perfect. New York real estate is my passion, and the Schack Institute of Real Estate is quintessentially New York for me. As a real estate professional, I plan to make XXXX my home base for decades. As a result, I seek to learn from professors steeped in real estate and New York real estate.

With two grandparents, two uncles, and one aunt in the real estate business, I was exposed early on in a sustained fashion to talk about real estate; the excitement that so much of my family felt over the rapid expansion of the real estate market in San Francisco was highly contagious, the opportunities, the challenges, the extremely dynamic and competitive nature of the industry in SF. As a result, it is not difficult for me to understand why it is that I, too, seek to become a top-notch real estate professional. Sometimes, I feel it is in my genetic code, mainly because of my grandparents. Nothing excites me more, and no language inspires me with such creativity, passion, and purpose, as does the language of real estate.

I see XXXX as the ideal location to learn everything I can about real estate in today’s world with our increasingly interconnected global economy, the factors that impact financial outlooks and consumer confidence, and to develop an increasingly sophisticated and nuanced understanding of these dynamics. I could not be more confident that the knowledge and experience provided by XXXX will afford me the most competitive edge possible to excel and distinguish myself in our industry.

After earning my Master’s Degree at XXXX, I plan to work with a large development firm as a real estate investment advisor in sales and development. I keenly look forward to a long professional lifetime promoting sustainable architectural projects, especially the construction of green buildings. I am also passionate about social justice issues and sensitive to the moral and social complications that accompany processes of gentrification. I chose to major in philosophy primarily because I am attracted to the marriage of theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. Working for a large development firm will require strong analytical skills and the capacity to process many macro- and micro-issues simultaneously before reaching decisions. I am confident that my undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Ethics will help me to excel in this area as a student at XXXX and beyond.

My experience at XXXX Properties and the XXXX Hotel have also helped to prepare me for excellence as a student at XXXX, ready to take full advantage of the broad diversity of courses offered at XXXX that are immediately relevant to real estate. Working at XXXX has made me very hungry to learn as much as possible, particularly about feasibility analysis on the one hand and negotiation and dispute resolution on the other.

I am most eager to become a very active member of the student body at the Schack Institute, attending the lectures of all guest speakers invited to our program and the numerous events organized by your world-renowned program. Connection and community are vital to me, and I am extensively involved with my XXXX College Alumnae Network, fundraising, event planning, coordination, etc. I seek to cultivate a similar and permanent relationship with the highly career-focused network of alumnae of XXXX.

Being in New York City, the heart of the world’s most closely watched real estate market, there are tons of speakers and events, with numerous opportunities, including a speaker series, breakfast programs, lectures, and panel discussions, to name a few. I plan to put my extensive experience to work concerning diverse forms of data interpretation and real-world applications, bringing a unique perspective to bear on market and investment analyses.

As a result of my experience over the past year-and-a-half working for the XXXX Group, I’ve developed expertise in utilizing demographic data and a better understanding of the microtrends that inform large-scale applications across categories, developing retail expansion strategies for brands like Starbucks-owned Teavana, identifying share-of-market and visibility opportunities for healthcare and QSR brands. This is why I have received two promotions and a raise in this short time.

I thank you for considering my application to study at the center of the real estate world.

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