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I have my heart set on earning my Masters Degree in Real Estate Development at the XXXX School at XXXX University for several reasons. Most of all, I want to savor the experience of graduate school and learn as much as I can, so I prefer a two-year program. Among 2-year programs, XXXX is definitely the best. I also particularly appreciate the way that you have incorporated the Capstone project as an integral part of your curriculum. I also see your program as especially strong in both of my areas of principal interest, Finance and Investments on the one hand, and International Real Estate on the other. I appreciate the vast resources of XXXX and, finally, I find myself drawn to the strength and development of your alumni network.

A licensed professional structural engineer and quantity surveyor, I am also a charted national construction manager in my native China. I love running and won 4th place in a semi-marathon in the Bahamas this year, 2015. I am skilled in painting and have twice won a gold prize in the Chinese national painting competition. I also play violin and took part in several performances in college. Well travelled and well read, I have spent the past several years working in the Caribbean, a market that I look forward to cultivating for many decades to come, in addition to my native China. I have visited the USA almost a dozen times, always combining business with a little pleasure, as well as Panama, Cuba, and Russia.

Graduating in the top 3% of my class in Civil Engineering earned me a full scholarship for my Masters which I completed in 2011. The highlight of my graduate experience was serving as a Teaching Assistant for the course “Civil Engineering Construction”. I hope to bring to your program extensive professional experience to complement my formal academic preparation. My first position after graduation was with the China State Construction Engineering Corp.; this experience helped me to understand many of the central challenges facing construction engineering in overseas projects. Next, I went to work for its American subsidiary, the China Construction America Company in the Bahamas, where I remain employed in project management and real estate development.

In my first year as a professional, still in China, I provided technical support for overseas projects in Asia and as far away as Africa and the Middle East, including the construction of the 970-foot high AL HIKMA building in Dubai. Beginning as a project engineer, I was soon promoted to project management. I was involved in a series of structural designs and construction projects, ranging from a newly-built high rise buildings to the retrofitting of a 150-year old historical property in Shanghai. I strongly believe that the retrofitting and renovation of property will boom in the future; thus I chose the post-installed anchor system as my research topic. My research, sponsored by the Hilti Corp., was published in a top national journal. In 2001, I began working on the Baha Mar resort project in Nassau, Bahamas as a project manager. I had the honor of working in collaboration with many talented developers, architects, engineers, lawyers and government officials from a total of 19 countries.

I have supervised the costs of work packages amounting to $240 million and negotiated contracts amounting to US$140 million in the past 9 months alone and I have been entrusted with this responsibility because of my solid technical background and advanced vision of commercial real estate development. I was awarded the Outstanding Employee of the Year Award in 2012 and I have led teams in the management of three hotel towers and large parts of a casino with vast retail areas, a total area of 1.1 million SF. My responsibilities included scheduling, contract negotiation, procurement, cost control, construction supervision and quality assurance. My team guided over 120 construction laborers working alongside fit-out and MEP teams 12 hours a day for 14 months and completed structure and envelope work packages as scheduled.

Highly accomplished at cross-team and cross-discipline orchestration, I see the development of my leadership qualities as a lifelong process. The sheer excellence of your interdisciplinary, highly focused program at XXXX makes it the best fit for my interests, especially because of your special strengths in the areas of finance, investments, global capital markets, and project delivery methods.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive program. 

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