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Master of Biotechnology, Healthcare Technology

It has always been my intention to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely to ‘make a living’. My wish to join the Master of Biotechnology program is a further and important step in enabling me to make that difference. Biotechnology helps us to prepare for and face society’s challenges in healing, fuelling, and feeding the world. I can think of few areas of work and research that can provide such general and vital benefits as Biotechnology and I am passionately interested in pursuing an academic and professional career in this area of work.

I have a particular interest in developing and propagating health care technologies, where they harness bimolecular processes to combat untreatable diseases and to improve our lives. It is my hope to change the life-threatening conditions that affect people who live in poverty throughout the world. My research experience in Cell and Molecular Biology, coupled with an advanced understanding of statistical techniques, provides me with an excellent basis, not merely to succeed, but to excel in the program. I am also enthusiastic about the business and internship elements of the program. I cannot claim any more than basic knowledge of business but am very keen to acquire knowledge and skills in these matters.  I have always recognized that business is an indispensable aspect of the work in which graduates are likely to find themselves.  This internship program will enable me to apply my knowledge practically and to have a solid understanding of the business of biotechnology. I am excited at the prospect of becoming involved in the numerous fascinating and rapid advances being made in Biotechnology and I am very keen to assist in achieving further breakthroughs in the field, helping to make advanced biotechnologies more widely available so that people who live in remote regions can also benefits from these advances. I also believe that I have the communication skills and personality that provides the potential for me to become a ‘bridge’ to enable physicians to understand, and to effectively apply, innovative treatments as they become available.

I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people from many ethnic and social backgrounds. I am regarded as an amiable person who is willing to share my knowledge and who seeks to benefit from those of my colleagues. My volunteer work has provided me with an opportunity to meet and help other students and has given me great satisfaction. I am fairly well travelled and am a native Mandarin speaker with good fluency in English.

After looking at the program’s overview and projects, I believe that your own is the one that will provide the specific, advanced skills and knowledge that I seek to acquire. Moreover, the supportive academic environment offered by the program is what I have always been looking for together with a distinguished faculty and outstanding facilities.

To summarize, I believe that my academic choices, research experience and the relevance of my work to date provide an excellent basis for me to ‘add value’ to the program. I promise committed, diligent and enthusiastic participation in the program if admitted. I thank you for considering my application.

Cambridge Interview: Strong Biology Applicant

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Biostatistics PHD Program Transfer Admission Statement for Graduate School

In August of this year, 2016, I started the PHD Program in Biostatistics at XXXX University. Now, I realize that the program is not a good fit with my long term professional interests because the focus of the program is on bioinformatics, biological engineering, and genetics. My interests are more theoretical and I seek a more general, thoroughgoing and rigorous program in statistics and its applications that is not so dominated by Biology and Engineering. My first choice is the University of XXXX for a variety of reasons including the most convenient location and the sheer excellence of your faculty, along with the broad-ranging nature of your PHD curriculum. XXXX is an academic environment that is challenging but also supportive, providing students with a lot of important resources for their future success.

I am especially interested in statistical computing: combining traditional skills in statistics with cutting-edge computational tools such as Markov Chain, Monte Carlo, exploiting the data to improve accuracy, ensemble learning and bootstrapping. I seek the fullest immersion in the study of methodology classification and the combination of models, using regression, in particular, as an alternative solution to model selection problems. I look forward to a long professional lifetime labouring to improve convergent rates by using resampling techniques. I seek to contribute, as a Statistician, to the fight against chronic disease and the advance of science and industry generally speaking, including but not exclusively bioengineering.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Mathematics at XXXX and it was there that I fell in love with Statistics. Right from the start when Professor XXXX explained the inference of central limit theorem by moment generation function, I found myself profoundly charmed by the beauty of this subject. Soon, I joined the American Statistical Association and was reading everything that I could find on the subject.

My graduate studies in Mathematics and my experience at XXXX so far will enable me to hit the ground running in your program at XXXX. My foundations include: Mathematical Statistics, Topology and Real Analysis, based on measure theory, Regression and Multivariate Analysis, and Bootstrapping, taught by my thesis advisor Professor Majid Mojirsheibani. Numerical Linear Algebra and Numerical Optimization not only required rigorous theoretical proof but also intense programming skills in Matlab and Python, excellent tools that will help me to excel at XXXX.

Some of the brightest and most joyous moments of my life have been when I served as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Mathematics at XXXX. In May 2016, I graduated as a recipient of the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award given to the top 4 graduates in Mathematics.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

Molecular & Developmental Biology Program

Fundamental questions about developmental biology.