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To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX, and I am an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology in the School of Public Health at the University of XXXX. I have served in this capacity for approximately four years. I am writing this recommendation on behalf of XXXX, a student in my Foundations of Public Health class. Martina came to see me during my office hours, and I enjoyed talking to her. She provided me with some valuable insights in our wide-ranging conversations concerning the literature on women’s health across the lifespan. Martina was a pleasure to have in my classroom. I enjoyed visiting her and appreciated her comments in class discussions due to her tremendous enthusiasm for studying the relationship between maternal health and physical activity/movement. 

Martina submitted an exceptionally well-researched project for our class dealing with deprivation amplification which was most exciting and engaging. I would rank Martina among the top 3% of students for her keen writing ability and dedication to research. She has demonstrated fantastic communication skills, humility, diplomacy, and a great team spirit, encouraging and animating her partners when she works in groups. She is especially good at analyzing highly problematic, complex, and controversial situations and challenges in women’s health care in the public arena.

She is well-disciplined and very friendly, with a pleasant personality. I feel extremely confident that she would distinguish herself as a graduate student in Public Health because she goes above and beyond course requirements, putting in a lot of extra research and effort. She perseveres and has great initiative, and is intensely motivated to learn. In her Community Comparison Project, she explored complex ways in which the income level of a comparatively impoverished community is related to unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity, primarily as a result of insufficient access to health care resources. She demonstrated her ability to come to a detailed understanding of the deprivation amplification theory and to analyze its effects. She has learned how to use a wide range of qualitative research methodologies, including media and discourse analysis, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic techniques,

Martina is knowledgeable concerning Chinese vs. Western approaches to prenatal exercise and gestational weight gain. I think we have much value to learn from Chinese medical and holistic approaches to health, and I see Martina is at the forefront of research and practice that incorporates the best of what the Chinese can teach us. She excels at everything having to do with women from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds, their different perceptions of dominant policy and popular media messages as they pertain to motherhood, obesity, and femininity. Martina is well poised to become a great asset to the MPH Program that she decides to attend. It would be a pleasure for me to provide any further detail concerning Martina as an excellent candidate for your MPH Program.


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