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Sample Statement of Purpose Environmental Science and Engineering in Saudi Arabia

Your Master’s Program in Environmental Science and Engineering at XXXX University of Science and Technology (XXXX) is my first choice for graduate school because I want to remain in Saudi Arabia rather than returning to the West, especially since I have already spent six years in the USA advancing my education and gaining professional experience. I like the fact that your program at XXXX is all in English; I excel in this language and think and act internationally in English as a scientist and professional. I see English as indispensable in addition to Arabic as a vehicle of global communication. Your curriculum is the best fit with both my short and long term interests and goals; and XXXX clearly has the leading program of its kind in the KSA.

I especially appreciate the thoroughly interdisciplinary character of your program. By earning the Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering at XXXX, I will be well prepared to serve for a few years as a Project Director/Manager/Officer and then hopefully go into business for myself in the area of water, finding, producing, storing, cleaning, etc., everything having to do with water on the one hand, and engineering on the other. I look forward to helping Saudi Arabia to stay at the forefront of developments in water resource technology and security.

Saudi Arabia is one of the driest regions in the world, with no perennial rivers. The fact that our country depends almost solely on desalinated water leaves us highly vulnerable in the face of population growth, climate change (Global warming) and economic and industrial development. Thus, Saudi Arabia must take certain measure to safeguard and secure our water supply for the safety of public health as well as economic and even cultural development. Much of our success in the future will depend on the degree to which we are able to optimally use and save water, especially conventional water resources like ground or rain water that is desperately need for irrigation. I am also concerned with the fact that Saudi Arabia lacks a proper water distribution infrastructure in most urban areas, having to depend on trucks in some cities to deliver water.

Water in Jeddah is more than 100 times as expensive as it is in Riyadh, which has a water distribution network. Even more worrying are the hidden costs of our failure in Jeddah to install an adequate water distribution system. In cities such as Jeddah that lack the kind of distribution system enjoyed in Riyadh, traffic is a very serious problem, primarily because of the presence of so many trucks on the roads. Furthermore, trucks burn diesel and emit harmful gasses which present increasing public health risks. Trucks also damage the roads, requiring large investments in infrastructure maintenance.

I could not feel happier about my central professional goal in life, doing everything that I can to contribute to providing every human being on the planet with clean water – beginning in the KSA. If accepted to your distinguished program at XXXX, I will have the opportunity to learn from the masters and to be guided in the creative evolution of my ideas, ideals, and aspirations to make my maximum contribution to Saudi Arabia and the world. After completing your program, I hope to become a Project Officer in the area of water and urban development, perhaps working for a project sponsored by my current employer, the Islamic Development Bank (XXXX).

Most passionate about the human need for and even moral right to clean water as the most basic foundation of human sustenance an dignity, I am a very hard-worker and nothing excites me more than helping my community to prosper and develop. I also want very much to become part of solving related global issues - particularly poverty and hunger. I am as well read as I am travelled with abundant knowledge not only in the area of water supply but also sanitation, biopharma (Cancer Drugs) and graphene production. I have spent significant amounts of time in Turkey, Egypt, and the UK as well as America.

In my present position with the XXXX in Jeddah, working in the Infrastructure Department in the Division of Urban Development & Services, I develop a project plans using a SMART Sheet program to better manage water supplies and execute sanitation projects. Much of my day is spent preparing briefs and presentations for flagship projects and coordinating with other departments.

I sincerely thank you for your consideration of my application to XXXX.

Graduate Research Assistant in the Lightwave Research Laboratory

Chemical Engineering Africa, Ghana, Sample 1st Paragraph for the Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

I wish to become an environmental engineer and eventually establish a construction firm in my native Ghana so that I can make my maximum contribution to the land and people of my birth. We are proud of the fact that we produce salt, harvesting it from the sea. Unfortunately, however, our labors have not progressed beyond attaining salt for our own consumption on a very local level in the part of Ghana where I grew up. I hope to change this, and to develop a modern system of extraction that is based on our indigenous traditions and principals but reaches an industrial level and scale that will also help Ghana to develop and prosper as a player in a new global, economic order.

Sample 1st Paragraph Masters Engineering

From my earliest years at school, I demonstrated a natural facility with numbers and, once I began to understand the relationship between mathematics and the physical world around me, my enthusiasm for engineering was fired. I have greatly enjoyed my academic and professional career to date and am fully confirmed in my choice. I now look forward enthusiastically to acquiring expert skills and knowledge to enable me to help turn, even the most complex plans, into reality and to assist others to do so. 

Environmental Engineer

Mechanical Engineering, Transport Phenomena.

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Petroleum Engineering Statement of Purpose Example, Health and Safety, Canada

Like most young people I had the vague intention to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely ‘make a living’. I feel very fortunate that, unlike many, I have the opportunity to make a substantial and beneficial difference in the lives of many by working to minimise risks to those many thousands working in potentially hazardous industries and environments. 

I have significant experience of health and safety in oil and gas drilling operations and manufacturing   in several countries, including those with a well-developed legal framework such as Canada and those without it. I feel that I have done excellent work to the extent that opportunities have arisen in my career. However, I now wish to acquire the advanced skills and knowledge from the program that will enable me to become expert Occupational Hygienist in Canadian regulation and industrial culture. Much of my work has related to the oil and gas industries, which are my special interests and which carry particular and inherent risks, and which are so important in the Canadian economy. I seek to acquire high level and local expertise to enable me to work at maximum effectiveness in Canada and to enable me to be aware of ‘best practices’ here so that I shall be able to apply it in countries with less robust regulation and oversight or, at least, to encourage its adoption.

My career goal is to work at a senior level for a government or a local agency to improve health and environmental conditions in communities and workplaces. I am interested in research relating to handling the increasingly complex environmental challenges arising from such factors as rising populations and climate change, leading to the formulation of new and effective solutions and policies. I should be very interested in providing consultancy services to improve conditions in communities and workplaces where there exist known environmental problems, healthcare inadequacies and/or acute and chronic disease arising from industrial processes and especially in oil and gas industries.

I am aware that the role calls for many skills and characteristics that are not common. The role, especially at senior levels, calls for a determined and independent approach, the need to take account of possibly competing criteria, an ability to plan and co-ordinate multiple activities, an ability to anticipate and prioritise potential problems, the ability to accurately gauge the effectiveness of measures in force and, vitally, first class communication skills. I believe that I have demonstrated these skills in my career to date and am determined to develop them fully in my future academic and professional careers.

It has always been my ambition to achieve a seniorleadership role in my career and so I have always carefully observed the techniques and characteristics of the best leaders and teachers in my own educational and working life in order to emulate them. I regard leadership as a vital life-skill for anyone who hopes to achieve and encourage positive change and involves a set of skills, characteristics and attitudes that I constantly seek to develop and apply in my work. The fact that I have been entrusted to supervise others is an indication of my success in doing so.

I know that effective interaction on an international scale calls for a high degree of cultural sensitivity and awareness to enable optimum outcomes. I have happily worked and socialised with people of many social and ethnic backgrounds. I enjoy sharing information about my own culture and learning about others. I get on easily with others and always seek to create and maintain positive relationships with colleagues and working contacts.

My professional background has provided me with a broad technical knowledge and practical exposure to a wide variety of hazardous environments. I am sure that this significant expertise, once supplemented with the skills and knowledge that I shall acquire in the program, will enable me to be of great utility to future employers.

I have carefully researched available programs and conclude that your own is an excellent ‘fit’ for my purposes and goals. I am sure that my significant and broad professional experience will enable me to ‘add value’ to the program, I very much look forward to doing so and to sharing in the fruits of the experience of my fellow students and the faculty.