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Real Estate Finance Master's Degree Program, Taiwanese Applicant

XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because I am a real estate professional seeking to excel in a very fast paced and rocky real estate market where people want to search for a distressed property, buy it, and flip it, sell it quickly. One need’s to have a keen eye, carefully examining each aspect of the property, the neighborhood, and the market before one decides where to invest. It takes experience and a bit talent. This is something that I have learned working with my boss and the passion I see in my boss’s eyes makes me wonder about what my passions are. The fundamental core of how the world market flow is finance. Real estate is a tangible good and its unpredictability is similar to that of stocks and bonds. I have always been fascinated with the economic world and the idea to analyze each aspect of financial industry. Thus, I am eager to continue my education and focus on finance because I believe that finance is a most rewarding career option that will prepare me to engage actively in a broad range of industries.

I am currently enrolled in a mortgage-training program at XXXX Realtors. When I first obtained my job, I work as a transaction coordinator and also assisted with the training program. I value every lesson and view this position as a great opportunity to converse with people involved in various career tracks who hope to obtain a salesperson license. This position allows me to utilize my marketing skills acquired when I was the marketing coordinator for United Taiwanese Association at college. Entering the real estate industry with absolutely no experience, I spent most time after work reading articles and talking to our senior agents; I have even gone to short sales just to be more familiar with the industry. The student enrollment rate increased 50% in less than two months. Due to my interest and career goal to focus more toward finance, I asked for a position to be the assistant for our company’s loan officer, the job responsibilities include to assist clients with mortgage assistance by gathering financial information regarding each new loan and creating a thorough report for the loan officer. The financial market is a face-pace and challenging industry, a competitive environment in which there are always new challenges and opportunities you need to acquire in order to keep up with the market.

Born and raised in Taiwan, I came to the United States when I was 15 years old.  I have now completed my undergraduate degree in Management Science with a Minor in Accounting and I could not feel more ready and eager to begin graduate school. Master of Science in Finance degree is the perfect choice for me since it fits well with both my professional interests and my lifestyle. Most of all, I have great admiration for your curriculum and appreciate the diverse range of topics dealt with in your distinguished Master’s Program. I am delighted about the prospect of being exposed to many professionals of the areas and networks of the school program.

My principal career goal is to become a highly successful financial consultant. I look forward to working for a large corporation for several years to gain more experience after earning my Master’s Degree and then, hopefully, become an independent consultant working on my own.

Most of all, I hope to graduate from your program ready for a full immersion in business strategy in the real world. I want to become a very strong general manager, developing my leadership and presentation skills and managing professionals adroitly, uniting them alongside me in a shared, strategic vision. I want to learn how to motivate teams and individuals to perform at their highest level, and to become more adept at persuasion.

I currently work in the real estate business as a transaction coordinator and I also assist with our training program for those studying to become licensed. After earning my Master’s Degree, I hope to work as a financial consultant in a leading investment bank, helping companies to develop their equity structure and fine tune their financial strategies. As a consultant, I will gain experience developing economic strategy by doing financial analysis, profit-cost considerations, and intensive research regarding competing firms.

I hope to eventually reaching the position of CFO, setting financial agendas and determining policy. I want to manage dozens of people, motivating and guiding them towards the execution of our strategies.  I was raised on values that include actively contributing to my country’s security and future. Someday, I would also like very much to build upon our financial strength in Taiwan by assuming a leadership role in Taiwan’s Ministry of Treasury or the Securities Authority.

I believe that Taiwan’s economy has great potential for growth limited primarily by the problems that we face with mainland China. I want to safeguard my country and our vibrant economy from communist encroachment. I look forward to intense research as a graduate student in your program about some of the issues facing Taiwan in terms of finance and economic growth, especially with respect to mainland China. I look forward to doing research as a graduate student in your program concerning the extent to which trade between Taiwan and mainland China I beneficial for my country. I want to be a cutting-edge Chinese expert concerning everything having to do with finance.

I thank you for considering my application.

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Best Statement of Purpose, MS Finance, New York City, Chinese Woman

XXXX University’s MS Program in Mathematics in Finance is my first choice for graduate school not only because of its location at the very center of the world from the perspective of international finance, but also your focus on my areas of greatest interest, harnessing the beauty and unlimited power of Mathematics to the service of financial analysis. I want to make it in New York, stay there long enough both during and after completing your program in order to establish myself in my industry.

I anticipate putting my Chinese to work almost immediately at XXU as I have been doing as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, sharing stories with other Chinese students, sensing and exploring Chinese themes with many if not most of the issues with which I come into contact. I also see my Chinese language skill as something that will be of enormous value after graduation from your program at XXU when I enter the work force. It seems natural for me to gravitate towards a specialization in finance in the context of China, where I can put my language skills and cultural awareness to good use at the service of a highly responsible financial institution that is helping my country to develop, increasingly turning China into a powerhouse of the future where more and more people will be able to live prosperous and happy lives.

I feel strongly that my undergraduate studies with a central focus on Applied Mathematics in Statistics will serve me well in your program and enable and inspire me to share in class discussions, doing my part with leading work groups and contributing to a highly dynamic learning environment. After fully establishing myself in my career as a result of invaluable and irreplaceable experience in the finance industry living in New York, I hope to return to build a permanent family home in China. It is also my hope that by that time I will be able to work independently as a free-lance consultant.

I see finance as a way to enhance the quality of life, most precisely to escape the desperation of poverty. I am thankful to my father for sending me away to live in a small rural village for an entire month to observe how the typical person in my country lives. While my own family is quite comfortable economically, we are still part of a very small fraction of Chinese society and I want to devote my life to making the Chinese middle class the rule rather than the exception. For years now, I have day-dreamed that I would someday be able to make important contributions to helping poor children to get a high quality education. I have also long been engaged with the topic of how seniors might best enjoy their golden years towards the end of life. Some day, I hope to contribute to the building of schools, libraries, and senior centers.

The passion that I feel for cultivating a life-long specialization in the area of quantitative finance has been further enhanced by the independent project on which I am currently working, helping a Finance Professor with his research project, collecting the data from Bloomberg as well as analyze it. We've been working on it since May and now the project is in the final stages and all the results are most satisfactory.

I am also particularly interested in learning as much as I can at XXU about risk management, calculating and attempting to reduce the risk of portfolios. This interest has been enhanced by the fact that I am also working on an econometrics project with one of my Statistics professors at the University of Toronto, searching for new models which can better predict return as well as risk by using non stationary time series financial data. I am especially proud of the fact that I finished my four-year-degree program in three years with excellent academic performance. During that period, I also managed to visit Cuba, Mexico, California, Florida, New York, and Montreal; and still spent at least one month with my family every year. My travels have helped me to become a fast learner who is highly adaptable. I was in France last summer from June 26 to August 2 and learned a lot of French, another interest which I intend to continue to cultivate.

I am concerned with the way in which financial markets in China are so very unstable with many thousands of people lost their life savings. Much of this has to do with the way that so many Chinese people choose their investments almost randomly, rather than investments that are based on logical calculations.

I take great pride in sense of social responsibility and civic dedication. Even though I was just a guest in Canada, I served as a volunteer Site Coordinator for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup from July through September of 2012, managing a team of 10 workers, which did wonders for my communication and leadership skills in English. I also obtained supplies, arranged for waste disposal, and filed paperwork with the municipality and the project as required. I am confident that these experiences will also inspire me to excellence at XXU.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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