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Sample 1st Paragraph Diversity Statement, Native-American

It is not obvious by my physical appearance that half of my genetic heritage is Native-American, mostly Cherokee. Yet, the more I mature and the more my social identity has a chance to develop, the more I have come to think of myself as more than just an American. Being Native- American is the special something that I have to give to the American celebration of diversity, culturally and also in the workplace. Living and working as a member of the Navajo Nation for six months greatly reinforced this sense of identity and also mission, fully dedicated to a lifetime of promotion of my heritage and our contribution to our country, especially in terms of diversity in the workplace. Frankly, since my people were the first to arrive here in America with everyone else coming only later, I think that provides me with a special edge and valuable perspective from which to analyze the experiences of all those who came later.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the DDS Degree as an International Dentist

A dentist from India with 5 years of full time experience practicing dentistry in my home country, I am now a permanent resident of the USA and have been making my home in Boston for the past year-and-a-half. I hope very much to be accepted to your program so that I might resume my career here in America and in this way help to support my family and educate our children. On my recent vacation, I went back to India and helped to organize volunteer dental camps for Dr. XXXX with an emphasis on preventive dentistry, which I see as the foundation of helping the underserved in my country of origin. I also spent considerable time with Dr. XXXX, helping her with her research focused on medication for neurodegenerative disorders, one of my own research interests as well. I very much appreciate the global solidarity that characterizes our profession and I look forward to many decades to come of living, learning, and doing everything that I can to help those who are most vulnerable among us, the underserved; flying back and forth each year between Boston and my roots. India shall always be with me.

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