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PHD Educational Technology, Indian Woman

My Mother is an artist; she runs her boutique and teaches arts and crafts to needy children. For many years now, my mother and I have worked together as volunteers every Sunday, most of the day, teaching children and young people that were orphaned or abandoned. My mother teaches them mostly how to make and maintain their clothes and accessories, while I teach English, Math, and Science. Doing this without fail every Sunday throughout our lives highlights the nature of our character and dedication to those most vulnerable and in need among us. I see this as the lifelong strength I will continuously pursue and the principal motivation and guiding light for my application to the University of XXXX, where I seek to earn a Ph.D. Degree in Educational Technology, always to help those who need special attention due to their less fortunate life circumstances. My mother and I are Indian women. The non-profit organization that we work with is named Karma. I am also deeply interested in spirituality, particularly concerning my Indian traditions, and San Francisco is an ideal location to learn and share in this area as well since there is a lot of engagement with Indian spirituality in the Bay Area, something which I feel enormously strengthens and enhances my abilities as an educator.

From my mother, the artist, I get more of my heart, and more of my brain has come from my father, the engineer who is a regional manager at India’s ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation). I earned a B.Tech in Interior Design at the Central Environment Planning and Technology College. I was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the Technical Education Board of the VPMP Polytechnic in 2006. In the following years, I earned my Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and served as a Teaching Assistant at the Government Engineering College.

I am profoundly excited by the prospect of earning my Doctorate in Educational Technology at the University of XXXX because I seek a world-class foundation in research and pedagogy for engineers - with particular attention to the virtual classroom. Your program is the optimal springboard to launch my career dedicated to eradicating boundaries in academic learning, bridging great distances efficiently and effectively even in the face of limited resources. In particular, I want to learn everything I can about 3D computer-based simulations for K-12 applications, enabling students to visualize and understand complex physics phenomena. I feel strongly that such simulations have great potential for testing concepts and prototypes comparatively inexpensively, and I could not be more excited at the prospect of having an opportunity to develop my ideas in this area at the University of San Francisco.

I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of different cultural backgrounds. As an experienced team player and leader, I take pride in my sense of humor and in keeping things lively, especially when teaching. A very well-qualified engineer, I believe I have demonstrated that I can meet the rigorous academic demands of your program. I am a highly enthusiastic and effective teacher of pure science and engineering subjects with optimum use of technological advancement. I have a proven skill set and experience in undertaking and leading research projects. My main recommendation, however, is my sheer love of engineering and a great desire to improve as many lives as possible through its practical application, teaching others to love research in the physical sciences as I do.

At the center of my future stands the virtual classroom. I could not be more enamored with the potential of technology to teach new generations of students, particularly in my native India, to learn to love and explore cutting-edge technologies, even students from families of very modest resources that cannot afford to send their children to prestigious engineering schools. Ultimately, I look forward to teaching the leaders in educational technology of tomorrow, especially concerning the needs and challenges confronted by countries in the Developing World. I look forward to many decades to come of working closely with software companies in educational technologies. I anticipate that my work in Educational Technology will always have a specific Indian flavor since the unique characteristics of Indian culture inform every aspect of my being. This is especially true about 'spiritual samskara and its relationship to children's education, even in the womb. I am experienced and engaged with the spirituality of pregnancy and its role in determining the characteristics of children. This is referred to as 'Graph samskara in India. I look forward to researching that studies groups of parents with a vision of the positive characteristics they seek to cultivate in their unborn child. My mother practiced 'Graph samskara with my little sister, so my family is very supportive of this line of research, sharing my joy. My sister was born with unique characteristics and was already chanting in Sanskrit at 2. I thank you for considering my application to the University of XXXX.

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