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MSW, Behavior Analysis, Chinese, Spanish

My father was an immigrant to Ecuador from China. As a child, I witnessed his struggles to adapt to a new culture and language and navigate his way through various difficult bureaucratic obstacles. My concern about his plight made me determined to 'make a difference in the lives of people who face c…

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OT Masters, Piano, Kinesiology, French Canadian

A French Canadian woman now 22, I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for selection to a Master’s Degree Program in Occupational Therapy because of my sheer energy and love of life. I play the piano and guitar, sing, swim, and do yoga. Thus, I feel I have unique gifts that bring out the b…

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Personal Statement Real Estate Development

I have my heart set on earning my Masters Degree in Real Estate Development at the XXXX School at XXXX University for several reasons. Most of all, I want to savor the experience of graduate school and learn as much as I can, so I prefer a two-year program. Among 2-year programs, XXXX is definitely …

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PHD Nutrition and Food Science, Nigerian

The youngest of four children, my mother is a widow, having lost my father in 2012 after a long illness. Since childhood, studying and learning have been my lifelong pursuit. My mother was a primary school teacher and instilled in us a reading culture that nurtured the development of my inquiring mi…

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Master Analytical Statistics, Mathematics Chinese

I have loved Mathematics since I became aware of numbers and their power and since a young age has sought, where possible, to express real-life problems of all kinds in terms of numbers to find a solution and often found this to be a helpful exercise.

My love of mathematics and its practical applic…

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Masters Food Science, Development, African

I hold a bachelor's degree in Food Science from XXXX University and have fiveive years’ experience in product development, food technol,ogy, and research.   My goal in pursuing a Master’s degree at XXU is to acquire the high-level skills and knowledge which will enable me to assist in providing prac…

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MPH Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Doctor, Yemen


A Cardiologist trained in Egypt and my native Yemen, I am applying to study for the Master’s Degree in Public Health at XXXX University (Epidemiology and Biostatistics) because my extended family and I have all chosen XXXX as our home, and we are most happy with our choice. A permanent residen…

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Master’s SLP, Research, Aphasia and/or Disphasia

From the experience that I have acquired to date in relating to those who suffer difficulties in speech communication, it is clear to me that it takes a particular type of person to treat speech disorders successfully; that empathy, determination, and enormous patience, together with substantial tec…

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PHD Educational Technology, Indian Woman

My Mother is an artist; she runs her boutique and teaches arts and crafts to needy children. For many years now, my mother and I have worked together as volunteers every Sunday, most of the day, teaching children and young people that were orphaned or abandoned. My mother teaches them mostly how to …

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Public Health Cancer Epidemiology, Chinese

The Department of Epidemiology at the XXXX School of Public Health is my first choice for graduate school because I feel strongly that it is the best Public Health program focusing on Epidemiology globally. A Chinese man who has worked intensively in English since I was six years old, attending inte…

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OT Masters, American Woman, Love for Children

A sensitive young woman with an extraordinary love for children, I was born and raised in North Carolina, where flight was invented, and I have always dreamed big, eager to see the world. I hope to be selected for your distinguished Master’s Degree program in Occupational Therapy based on my intense…

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OT Bridge Program COTA to Masters, Pakistani

Your Master’s of Science Program in Occupational Therapy at the XXXX Institute of Technology (NEIT) is my first choice among bridge programs from COTA to the Master’s Degree in OT. I am especially attracted to the idea of weekend classes. I have gotten to know students from the XXXX who graduated as…

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Master’s Global, Financial Economics, Indian

My professional objective is to spend the rest of my life serving society as a business consultant, especially internationally. Although my MBA is from XXXX, which provides its students with one of the best foundations in the business in the world, to accomplish my goal of providing my clients with …

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MSW Online, PTSD, Homeless Vets, Trinidad and Tobago

The University of XXXX online MSW Program is my first choice for earning my Master’s in Social Work Degree primarily because of its sheer excellence. In addition, the most delicate social workers I have had the opportunity to work with professionally have all graduated from UXX, and they could not s…

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MSW, Child Welfare, Poverty, Homelessness

I feel strongly that I am the best fit for your MSW Program at XXXX (XXX) because I feel strongly that we need social workers who live, think, work, and practice at the local level, and your educational institution stands at the center of the community that I know and love. I am currently an undergr…

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Masters SLP, Speech-Language, Filipina

Probably the most vital aspect of my application to your distinguished SLP Program at XXXX University (UXX) is that I already have over two years of professional experience as an SLPA. From August 2013 through September 2015, I worked at a private clinic called XXX with students diagnosed with moder…

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SLP Speech Pathology Masters, ADHD, Chinese

As a young Chinese woman who is full of life and a very hard worker, I am sure that I want to have a long professional life that is full of both children and older people since both are an integral part of my personality and professional vision for making my most entire contribution to society, espe…

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International Dentist DDS/DMD, Indian Applicant

Having completed dental school and gained extensive experience practicing dentistry in my native India, I have made the USA my permanent home. I ask for admission to your competitive DDS program to become the finest dentist possible. I seek to give my all to advancing preferential treatment for the …

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Masters Real Estate, NYC, American Woman

XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because I see New York City as the dynamic cutting edge of real estate development in America. Even though I was born and raised in San Francisco, which has a lot to offer culturally and economically, I have fallen in love with NYC. XXXX not only has what …

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Mental Health Counseling, NYC, Chinese


My central dream is to become a licensed counselor and to live my professional life to promoting the mental health of my community, particularly the well-being of members of Asian societies. XXU’s Master’s Program in Mental Health Counseling is my first choice for graduate school because o…

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