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Best Statement of Purpose, Real Estate Development Masters Sample

XXXX University’s XXXX Institute of Real Estate is my first choice for graduate study to earn the MS Degree in Real Estate Development primarily because of the extremely high quality and thoroughgoing nature of your program. It is also located at what has become for me the center of the world, especially the real estate world. A young Chinese man and student here in New York City, I earned my Bachelors Degree in International Business at XXXX College last year,  2014; very much having fallen in love with NYC, I hope to be able to stay here for graduate school as well.

I appreciate very much the great diversity of your student body at XXU and I also look forward to being active in international student affairs at NYU. As an undergraduate student at Berkeley College, I took great delight in helping newly arrived international students to learn how to get around NYC as well as helping to create and promote the social networks operated by our International Student Club, looking after the social needs of Freshman students, in particular, and helping them to build their own networks over the course of their studies, organizing numerous events each year that involved professors as well as students.

My central long term objective is to help to design models of real estate development that are specifically tailored to the needs and unique circumstances of  developing countries, with my own country, China, always prominent in my mind in terms of challenges, solutions, how to best go about building sustainable communities at the local level. In this way, I hope to make or contribute to important improvement of standards of living in the Developing World.

I am extremely highly motivated as a researcher and I fully intend to excel at NYU in this area. I have been working as a real estate developer entrepreneur for the past two years learning a great deal about real estate and I am convinced that my 100% passionate for the real estate industry combined with my international background will help me to make creative, meaningful contributions to discussion both in and out of the classroom. The convergence of green building construction methods and techniques, on the one hand, and finance on the other, represent the convergence of my major interests that I look forward to sharing in these areas for long hours with other international students in your Real Estate Development Program at XXU. 

When I was only 13 years old I went to Singapore by myself to live with an aunt for most of a school year to benefit from classes in English and to experience another culture where English is spoken as a national language. I was immediately shocked by how clean the “Garden City” was and Singapore itself, the real estate, architecture, especially public space helped me to understand early on the great potential that we have for urban development in creative and sustainable directions. Even back in 2003, Singapore’s living standard was much higher than that of China. Most importantly, I was able to perfect my English while still very young in Singapore, preparing me for a lifetime of professional opportunity in this international language and this experience left me hungry for more international experience. Ultimately, Singapore prepared me for coming to America for college, helping to make me a creative and independent thinker.

Traveling during my summer vacations from school also provided me with the opportunity to get to know other cultures. In my second year of college, for example, I got an opportunity to travel with a friend to Honduras to visit his uncle who is an organic coffee farmer. When we came back from Honduras we created our own coffee brand called R&Z coffee. “Beans for brains” is our motto and 50% of our profits go to a local charity in Honduras.

I began  investing in real estate along with my father when I was 17 years old, helping me to understand and take advantage of economic opportunity in our native China. Always passionate about real estate, at the beginning of 2014, I even began preparations for building my own real estate development firm in Long Island. Thus, I look forward to a long and productive professional lifetime in real estate here in America as well as back in China. I especially look forward to giving my all to the promotion of green building practices in both China and America, particularly for commercial real estate.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive program at XXU.

Sample 1st Paragraph Real Estate Master’s Degree, Chinese in Canada

I was born and raised in a rural area in the south of China. My family moved to Beijing, the capital city, to start their own business when I was 12 and I had to stay behind to finish my middle school. For the next 5 years following my parents' relocation, I had to travel 12 hours by train twice every year to visit my family until my second year of high school - when I finally was able to move to Beijing, where I went on to earn a college degree in Software Engineering, before moving to Canada and earning my BBA. For a very long time, Real Estate has been a central passion. Being accepted to your distinguished Master’s Program in Real Estate Development at XXXX University, therefore, would be a real dream come true.

USC Sol Price School of Public PolicyMaster of Real Estate Development 30th anniversary

Nathan McAllister, Master of Real Estate Development student at the David Eccles School of Business

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the Real Estate Masters

While studying for my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, I began to take an interest in Real Estate, especially since property is such a major expense for almost all businesses. Location is a major variable cost to most businesses and one that directly affects profitability. From that starting point, I began to consider the effects of local housing costs on recruitment and how this affects the real incomes of potential and actual employees. I now wish to supplement my knowledge of Business Management with specialist skills and knowledge in Real Estate in pursuit of a management or consultancy role within local government or working with an NGO seeking to revitalize areas characterized by low employment.

Eye on Dubai, Young Syrian Man with Big Dreams in Real Estate

A young Syrian man with big dreams, I was born and raised in the UAE since my father has been working here for the past 25 years and is now a partner and CEO of a major corporation based in Dubai - which is also a leading property developer. Our family owns property in Dubai as well as St. Kitts and Nevis where we are nationalized. My central professional goal is to become the most successful real estate professional possible, trained in the West, based in Dubai, and with one eye on Syria for the long term.

The last time that I visited Syria was in 2010, well before the civil war broke out. At that time, we still owned valuable real estate properties in Syria – most if not all of which have been destroyed. At some point in time when things are calm in Syria and rebuilding is underway, I want to be involved in reconstruction, driven most of all by a sense of patriotic and humanitarian calling to the land of my family.

XXXX London is my first choice among Master’s Programs. The broad level of accreditation of your program is unsurpassed if not unparalleled, not only in London but in all of Europe. I want to live and learn in London, taking full advantage of the vast international resources of the city in addition to the university. Still 22, my father calls me a young idealist when I talk to him about my dream of helping to rebuild Syria to something like its former glory. Nevertheless, I want to do what I can to help Syria as a real estate professional, especially years down the road if and when the opportunity should present itself. In Syria and elsewhere, especially Dubai, I want to help construct smart green buildings with sustainable design and architecture.

We in Dubai could not be more excited about having been chosen as the host for EXPO 2020 as this will be an especially valuable opportunity to gain unique experience in design and development on an international level. I hold two Certificates in areas closely related to Real Estate Development and I am currently pursuing a third. I completed a market/retail analysis of 3 different malls in the City of Dubai mall complex. This included the world’s biggest mall, The Dubai Mall, and I won the Exceeding Expectations in Critical Thinking Award for this project. As part of the Global Leader Experience Project through Common Purpose, a leadership training program, we visited more than 12 profit and non-profit organizations in Dubai and developed a greatly enhanced appreciation of the numerous opportunities that exist for the business community to contribute to the overall wellbeing of our communities. I will be part of the American University of Sharjah Delegation Team to the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN2017) that will be held in February 2017. My final project for completion of my undergraduate studies is a research analysis of Dubai’s real estate market.

I thank you for considering my application to Real Estate at XXXX.

Real Estate Master’s Degree Program Statement of Purpose Sample, Chinese Applicant in Canada

XXXX University’s Master’s in Real Estate Program is my first choice for graduate school because I think it represents the most solid foundation and thoroughgoing immersion experience possible in a Real Estate Masters Program. Your Internship and networking opportunities are also unparalleled and I appreciate how your program is geared towards young professionals at the beginning of their career. I could also not be more excited by the fact that your faculty members are cutting-edge practitioners in the real estate industry. A young man from China who eats, sleeps, and breathes global trends in real estate, I am especially interested in how these trends affect the Chinese real estate market, how to help it to grow and prosper in responsible ways.

I was born and raised in a rural area of southern China. My family moved to Beijing when I was 12 and began building their own business. A classic success story of upward mobility in China’s Tiger economic boom, through a lot of hard work, I was able to come to Canada to earn my BBA. My family is now a major shareholder and manager of a real estate development company. I, myself, have participated in the company's operation and continue to take part in decision-making. Currently, our company is working towards the development of a group of condominiums in Mongolia's capital city, Ulaanbaatar. The expected market value of the project is $1200 USD per square meter, $240,000,000 USD in total. 

My long term goal is to lead development teams in small cities in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible ways, with a focus on the long-term impact on the community, the health and well being of the hard-working people who live there. I want to contribute to local economies in sustainable ways rather than being guided by the motive of profit alone, as is usually the case in China. The very idea of social responsibility in business is something new in China and I look forward to promoting it.

I am concerned with the problems that result from the explosive growth of our largest cities, especially Beijing. This drives up the price of real estate and causes concentrations of investment that are not healthy for the country as a whole.  Thus, I hope to explore the way in which real estate projects for our smaller cities might be developed in such a way that they are both ethical and profitable and thus able to attract investors and foment waves of entrepreneurship and local initiatives that are of great benefit to the people and might even attract some residents that have left for the largest cities to return.

I have now lived in China and Canada, in small towns and big cities, and I have paid close attention to the real estate markets of both countries for many years, witnessing dramatic changes during the past decade. I thank you for considering my application to the XXXX Program.

Sample Personal Statement for Admission to Graduate School, Sample 1st Paragraph for the Master’s in Real Estate Development, Seattle, Washington, USA

My background, training, professional experience, hopes, and dreams have always been and probably always will be focused on what I see as the most beautiful city in the world, Seattle, Washington. Like my city, I embrace diversity and liberal politics, particularly so since my mother is French and I also speak this language. My undergraduate studies were in Business, completing a double major in Finance and Accounting. Thus, given the fact that I have chosen Real Estate Development as my career, the University of XXXX’s Master of Science in Real Estate Program could not be a more natural choice. Completing your program will enable me to serve my community by devoting my professional lifetime to sustainable real estate development – especially in Seattle.

Columbia University's Real Estate Development Program