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Best Statement of Purpose International Relations, UK, Chinese

Born in Fujian, China and raised there until the age of 8, in December of 2000 we immigrated to America and I became a US citizen by the summer of 2012. At first it was very hard but soon I adjusted. Now 23, graduating from high school in 2011, I am currently finishing my BA Degree in Political Science, including double concentrations in International Relations and Legal Studies. I have come to think of myself as a global citizen and my pan-Asian identity was reinforced by the invaluable opportunity of studying abroad in Shanghai, China for one month, and then later I went on my own to Ulsan, Korea for six weeks of intensive study of Korean society. Always thirsty for knowledge 24/7, it was also a delight for me to spend countless hours as a volunteer at my local library in Tennessee as a high school student.

Your Master’s Program in International Relations at XXXX University in the UK is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons, including the location, since I tend to think of London as the principal epicenter of international relations and resources for learning in this area. While admittedly the unsurpassed prestige of your institution is also a factor, first and foremost, I seek academic rigor and for this I see your program as unparalleled. I very much appreciate the fact that XXXX is the one of the oldest schools in the world; and finally, I feel strongly that I am an especially good fit with your program at XXXX because of the extensive attention paid by your curriculum to the role of media in international relations. I  hope to develop a focus in this as well as other specific areas with special critical attention paid to Chinese media and the way that it often serves to manipulate people, sometimes even promoting prejudice and racism against certain populations and religions, generally under the guise of fighting terrorism.

I see XXXX as combining the very best of history with the cutting edge of critical thinking in the social sciences, supported by state-of-the-art facilities that far surpass those of other programs, especially the Bodleian Library. Your faculty at XXXX, particularly in International Relations, is renowned on a global level as a result of their global perspectives and humanitarian concern for the Developing World, a sense of urgency with respect to economic development in poorer countries, and the defense of human rights of the most downtrodden and abused peoples of the earth, the underreported underdogs. I see XXXX as the ultimate springboard upon which to develop my capacity to serve the global community by exercising a diplomatic function. For a Chinese student such as me, diversity is generally seen as of ultimate importance, putting a priority on its appreciation and celebration—and nowhere is this done better than at XXXX. Finally, I hope to take full advantage of the enormous international student population at XXXX to conduct surveys for my research.

I look forward to building academic ties and contacts at XXXX that will last a lifetime and help me to continue to grow professionally, always cultivating close ties with academic institutions dedicated to the study of IR. I also see your program as the ultimate in preparation for a career as a professional diplomat, perhaps alternating at some point in the future between diplomatic posts and further study towards the PHD Degree, always doing research in search of maximizing my contribution to a stable and harmonious world order. Having researched graduate programs in IR and their professors now for more than a year, no one has impressed me as much as XXXX’s Jonathan Leader Maynard and his work in the area of ideology and violence, which I see as especially relevant to and inspiring for the research that I hope to undertake as a graduate student in my critical analysis of the Chinese media and the—at least perceived—relationship between religion and terrorism. I stand in awe of Dr. XXXX’s breathtaking grasp of political psychology and its relevance for discussions of genocide in particular. I have already done extensive research and personal study in my free time in the area of the Media and its relationship to social and economic change, out of my longstanding passion for social justice and truth, along with everything that impacts the wellbeing of peoples.

 I fell in love with media studies early on as an undergraduate school. One of my principal personal heroes and role models is Michelle Slone, because of the genius that I see in her article Responses to Media Coverage of Terrorism, demonstrating most clearly how responses to media footage, most prominently anxiety, tended to occur along demographic lines, in ways that tended to be characteristic according to gender as well as level of religiosity and dogmatism. I was so excited by the time that I finished reading Slone’s work and that of thinkers like her, that I have subsequently become extremely dedicated to my central goal of spending the balance of y professional life thinking critically and writing about the links between media coverage of political violence on the one hand, and psychological processes on the other.

I hope to obtain my master degree at XXXX in preparation for a lifetime of service as a diplomat in the Foreign Service, with the UN, or giving my all to the right NGO. My parents immigrated to the USA illegally, at first, seeking an asylum which they eventually obtained. Nevertheless, the process was very painful and protracted, and it had a marked effect on my life; it also goes a long way to explain why I am so passionate about the issue of political refugees. I follow closely the refugee crisis in Europe and play special attention to the role of immigration and race in the upcoming US Presidential Elections. I cannot imagine anything that would bring me as great a joy as the privilege of contributing to our care of innocent people fleeing for their lives from warfare and starvation. No conviction that I have is more firm than my moral and human sense that we have a duty to help those people, provide them with asylum, and concern ourselves with their well being as we work to resolve the crisis that gave rise to their trajectory so that they can one day return home. What field could be more relevant for this kind of work than IR?

I seek lifetime immersion in questions of what has given rise to international terrorism and what are the best ways to address the issues and bring peace to very troubled societies, especially in the Developing World. I feel strongly that my unique historical background has resulted in my being well suited to a rigorous exploration of the mind sets of the two worlds from whence I have come, China and United States. I speak multiple Chinese languages and I am a humble person, raised in a restaurant family with no silver spoon at all; only chopsticks and a lot of hard work. I am like a bull dog when I set a goal for myself, no matter how difficult. I went to Korea alone to advance my ability to communicate in their Language and to understand them. This is because I have thought of Korea as our sister society ever since I was a child. For the past several years, not a week has gone by that I have not at least improved to some extent my advanced-beginner/low intermediate status in Korean language conversation.

I am very much concerned with the way in which terrorists themselves utilize and manipulate the Media, so as to enhance their hold over ever greater segments of our most vulnerable populations and groups. I want to study IR at the intersection of the Media, religion and its relationship to political violence, victims and refugees. Muslim refugees from Myanmar and China are among the groups that top my list for special consideration, especially those who find themselves stranded in cramped boats unable to set foot on shore, in places like Indonesia. In fact, the situation that has already been taking center stage in Europe, political refugees seeking asylum from many countries, mostly Syria, suggests how the center of my world, thinking, passion, is currently focused on Muslim refugees, and how ‘we’ deal with their quest for asylum and a dignified life.

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Sample 1st paragraph for the MA in International Relations and Contemporary War, Applicant from Hong Kong and the UK

I hope to be accepted to your distinguished MA Program in International Relations and Contemporary War so as to prepare myself for a lifetime of service fighting, containing, preventing terrorism. Since I see war as the primary motor of terrorism, the focus of your program on warfare and its effects makes it my first choice for graduate school, especially since I seek not just to mitigate the devastating effects of terrorism but to do so primarily by waging peace, which is what I tend to see as the most sustainable approach to the kinds of violence associated with terrorism that we are seeing these days. In addition to my native or near-native languages of Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, I am also making great progress on an intermediate or near-intermediate level of both German and Arabic. I hope to make my facility with language one of my primary assets in the future in my work promoting peace.

International Relations: An Introduction

Careers in International Relations and Public Affairs

Masters Program Admission in IR, International Relations

I look forward to spending a lot of time as a graduate student pondering what the UN Charter has to say about minorities and indigenous people. I have been profoundly disturbed by my recent, close analysis of what has come to be referred to as the “Bush Doctrine,” what I see as a most dangerous loop hole in our international system involving a manipulation of the original intention of the Charter to justify an aggressive—and ultimately highly unsuccessful—foreign policy. I want to devote myself to a lifetime of international, comparative, studies of minorities and indigenous peoples’ legal standings, especially within their own legally recognized territory, becoming a recognized expert concerning the policies or treaties that govern and protect these minorities; issues of self-determination and equality as seen from a global perspective. I want to be a part of the debate over how to define “Minorities” and “Indigenous people”, and to help them to preserve their cultures and legal/economic status.

For most of my childhood, I was part of a collective voice comprised of over 1.2 billion people.  By crossing the Pacific Ocean and entering this new land, the USA, I was given the opportunity to become a single voice.  As my parents did not speak English well, it was often my responsibility to ensure that many of the administrative tasks related to U.S. Government paperwork requirements were accurately completed. This experience impacted my life forever; in fact, it later encouraged me to major in international relations because I wanted to gain further insight into how governments impact individuals and groups, the hierarchical nature of policies that govern and regulate modern society. This is because, as global citizens, whatever happens to one of us happens to us all.

Working at the International Education Office at XXU for the past two years has helped me to cultivate my awareness of and respect and appreciation for numerous other cultures and traditions through my work with multinational students and scholars quarterly. Many of the international students I have met have become my friends for life. In the summer of 2015, I stepped outside of my comfort zone by exploring the unique language and culture of South Korea. I have also participated in Model United Nation for the past three semesters, during which time I represented several countries as a delegate. I hold memberships in a handful of student organizations and political honors societies that have helped me to gain further insight into international relations and to cultivate my leadership skills.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

Sample 1st Paragraph, International Relations and Public Policy

Since childhood, I have wanted to spend my life ‘making a difference’ rather than merely making a living. I speak several languages and have travelled to more than 70 countries which has exposed me to some of the vast range of problems and challenges facing so many of our brothers and sisters in the under-developed nations. I have concluded that physical security is the key to dealing with any other problem, without peace there can be no real or lasting social progress. I am making this application with the goal of acquiring the knowledge that will equip me to play a small part in enabling conflict resolution and to help nations in their pursuit of social and economic progress where conditions permit them.