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Sample of My Work in the Area of Security Studies

I cannot think of many fields of work and study that are more important in the world today than Security Studies. The maintenance of peace and security in a world beset by more and more hazardous situations is vital and the study of this field is vital to every one of us. I have always wanted to ‘make a difference’ rather than just make a living and I feel that my career to date, my academic choices and my personal characteristics make me especially capable of acquiring the further skills and knowledge to make such a difference. I don’t expect to ‘save the world’ but certainly seek to make the world a safer place by playing my own part in the whole. My ambition is to become a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I served for four years in the Marine Corps. Most of this service was spent in Japan and Korea and I left with the rank of sergeant. I was a recognised weapons expert and was involved in the training of both US and Korean service personnel in weapon systems and marksmanship. In the Marine Corps, excellence is the basic standard but I always sought to excel even in that environment and my attained rank and the awards and commendations received are an indication of my success in doing so. I enjoyed my training role which gave me the opportunity to acquire and extend skills in planning, effective communication, demonstrating and instilling discipline, exercising judgement of individuals and situations and the great satisfaction of helping others to reach their goals and see their potential become reality.

I also worked in legal administration which involved investigation and information gathering for the use of senior officers and courts martial. My work called for high level analytical, planning skills as well as an ability to communicate and cooperate with personnel of all ranks and of many cultural and social backgrounds.

With a career in security in mind, I pursued undergraduate studies in psychology and applied all my discipline, diligence and academic ability to my studies. My GPA of 3.97/4 and the several academic awards and scholarship received will serve to confirm my potential to excel within the program and in a career beyond it. My senior thesis related to the observation and measurement of micro-expressions in detecting truthfulness and lying in subjects. I would be interested in pursuing research in this area and its application within interrogations.

I have carefully considered the programs available to enable me to fulfil my ambitions and consider your own to be a perfect match because of the prestigious faculty, the breadth of topics available for study and its worldwide reputation for excellence. I am also attracted by the fact that I can expect to meet students from a wide variety of backgrounds, I look forward to sharing the fruits of my own experience and background and profiting from those of my fellow students.

Thank you for considering my application.

Working together as a team we strive to create the best personal statement possible, to give you an advantage over other applicants. I am an experienced professional who has read and edited thousands of Personal Statements and Statements of Purpose. Most editing services only focus on the technical aspects of the statements: grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Instead, I consider the more important aspects, personal tone, flow, and content. Most importantly, I will help you express your creative ideas concerning your long-term goals and your contribution to humanity and society. The final product of my editing may be the beginning of your professional success, a solid investment in your future. Please note that I attend to my clients in the order in which I have received their payments. 

(See my doctoral dissertation: ¨Gender, Violence, and Empire in Central America¨! - online at USC). 

International Graduate Program in National Security Studies at the University of Haifa

Samples of My Work: Homeland Security Studies