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MRED, Indian Sikh Real Estate Development Professional

Being accepted to and completing XXXX University’s Masters in Real Estate Development Program will be the crowning achievement of my life. After earning my bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2010, I accepted a position with XXXX Capital Group in New York as an Analyst in the Equity Research Division. Next, I was introduced to Real Estate Development while working for a Pharmaceutical company in my native India for one year. From 11/14-7/16, I served as Managing Director for a major pharmaceutical company in Reno, Nevada. My professional dreams for the future are in Real Estate Development: XXXX is my first choice.

After my position with XXXX, I had to return to my native India for visa reasons, where I accepted a job with a significant Indian pharmacy chain, XXXX. I was assigned to the task of acquiring commercial real estate and helping to develop models for the development of our new retail outlets.  I became addicted to the sheer synergy and power of real estate development. I found myself reading as much as I could in this area, even in my free time: metrics, populations, per-capita income, foot traffic, development plans of city governments and municipal councils, etc. During my tenure with this company, 1/12-11/14, I was instrumental in setting up 154 new stores throughout the northern regions of India.

As a real estate professional, I plan to integrate my Sikh culture and faith into my career primarily through my volunteer work with Sikh-affiliated and inspired non-profit organizations, many of them based in New York. There is a sizeable Sikh presence at XXXX University, with active networks contributing to our faith’s mission worldwide. I have been happening for years as a volunteer, helping poor people obtain free primary dental care and eye surgeries, for example, and I hope to incrementally give more and more of my time to my work with Sikh-related charitable initiatives as my career progresses, perhaps moving into leadership roles in some of these organizations. I am already advising several Sikh institutions concerning their real estate investments.

After completing your cutting-edge MRED Program at XXXX, I plan to go to work for a real estate investment firm in NYC, the epicenter of world capital markets. At the same time, I want to begin a lifetime engagement with the CSR initiatives of significant real estate firms, creating platforms to encourage their levels of contribution to disaster relief and hunger-fighting efforts worldwide. At some point, I hope to launch my development firm and create my team of professionals, probably based in my native Dubai, where I was born and raised, watching a miraculous and thoroughgoing transformation of our city’s real estate market throughout my lifetime. I am especially keen to learn all that I can at Columbia about ‘construction space’ and variables, contributing to the expanding creativity of real estate development models. In particular, I look forward to studying global real estate investment trends under Professor XXXX.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Real Estate Development at XXXX University.

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