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The University of XXXX’s PHD in IT Program is my first choice for graduate school because I very much appreciate both the interdisciplinary character of your curriculum as well as the way it is geared towards intensive research. I feel strongly that my research as well as professional experience will help me to hit the ground running at UNO and excel as a graduate student. The more I read about XXXX the more it sounds like the perfect mid-sized city and I am most excited about the prospect of getting to know Nebraska.

Born and raised in my native China, I came to the US at 19 to prepare for and begin college at the University of XXXX, graduating in 2012 with my BBA and a focus on economics. I will be graduating this coming May, 2016 from XXXX University in Milwaukee, WI with my MS in Applied Economics where I have been cultivating a special interest in and talent at econometrics and forecasting. I have become particularly skilled at SPSS, Data Visualization-­‐‑Tableau,

I now hope to continue my studies at the UNO and earn my terminal degree in the area where my greatest talent and passion lie: IT. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at the UNO as a young Chinese woman with a global mindset and an intense dedication to the advancement of women in IT fields, E-commerce, and the psychology of internet behavior. Research is my greatest joy. These past two-and-a-half years at XXXX have been the highest moments of my life so far, coordinating with professors and performing various tasks in support of empirical and comparative research, particularly conducting statistical and econometric analyses using Eview and STATA.

I also gave a lot of my time to research as an undergraduate student serving as a Research Assistant for Professor XXXX, assisting him for nearly two years with data collection through an online survey, preparing and analyzing datasets and performing data analysis using SPSS. By the time I finished my undergraduate degree at UW, I was already quite familiar with the literature on trust, privacy and E-commerce, much of it I learned working with Dr. XXXX. We created posters summarizing our research and presented them at the Capital Building at Madison, WI and the UW System Symposium. I also presented the two papers that resulted from our research at the 6th and 7th Midwest Association Information System Conferences. One of our projects received the best paper award. Working alongside Dr. XXXX helped me to better understand how to go about doing research on both theoretical and practical levels, enhancing my analytical and creative skills and also improving my ability to give en eloquent and concise presentation.

As a graduate student at XXXX, I have carried out multiple research projects in economics and have advanced my skills still further in data collection and analysis; learning how to build forecasting models by using Excel, Eview and Stata.  One special highlight of my graduate education has been serving as a Teaching Assistant for  “Principles of Microeconomics”; assisting the professor in the preparation of course materials, holding office hours, counseling students, and grading homework assignments. I adore teaching and I am anxious for the next opportunity.

Information systems like the SAP are expanding and developing in China and showing great promise. I almost think of it as my civic duty to go back home with an advanced knowledge in this area so that I can make my maximum contribution to my society, helping to improve communications, operations, and general efficiency and productivity.

My goal is become a university professor and to help China to make more rapid progress in the area of human resource management and development. Throughout my studies in Economics, I have increasingly become convinced that we must proceed to develop in such a way as to make the best and most efficient use of our finite resources, investing in people rather than luxury and planning our development in sustainable ways. Information system management plays many critical roles in both public and private sectors of Chinese society and it can help us to reduce cost and save resources, making production processes more efficient; and information system technology management will only increase in importance as we continue to interconnect our global economy.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished doctoral program in IT at UXX. 

Sample 1st Paragraph Health Informatics Masters, Indian Applicant

Since I learned of the existence of Health Informatics as a discipline, I have regarded it as a natural outlet for my talents and personal characteristics and one in which see the potential for doing much good for society. I am a curious and analytical person who has the ability to consider the solution to problems in innovative and imaginative ways. I am also happy to work in a team and enjoy exercising leadership when called upon to do. I especially enjoy teaching and hope, ultimately, to teach undergraduates in order to share my enthusiasm and the high level skills and knowledge that I am determined to acquire.

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