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Real Estate Southern California, Chinese American

I believe that I posses the right qualities for the achievement of excellence in your rigorous Real Estate Program at XXXX University: dedication, diligence, and a very high level of motivation that keeps me working way into the night. I see your program as the finest of its kind online and studying with this flexibility will enable me to continue to devote myself full time to my company as a real estate professional, at the same time that I work towards completion of your program, putting what I am learning to excellent use every day.

XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because of the sheer excellence and flexibility of your online program. With my solid and extensive background in real estate, coupled with my intense drive towards the achievement of excellence and success, both professionally and academically, I am convinced that I will be able to distinguish myself in your program, especially since I am a master at Excel and making rapid progress with Argus as well.

Alongside my professional experience, my undergraduate studies have also prepared me well for Real Estate at XXXX: creating pro forma statements, discount cash flow and other financial models, and developing an advanced understanding of complex tools such as IRR lookback and preferred return models. I always went that extra mile as a student. When the professor only required a mutli-family and/or office model, I would take the liberty to develop a model for condominium/residential community sales, complete with mortgage spreadsheets that included sensitivity analyses.

I have a voracious appetite for real estate: thus, my immediate short-term goal is to be accepted to Real Estate at XXXX and come to a much better understanding of more complex financial models such as the 3-tiered equity waterfall models; and develop a better grasp on the inner workings of private equity and REITS, especially with respect to public-private partnerships with local governments. I hope to better understand how Low Income Housing Tax Credits operate as well as funding for environmental cleanup sites. In particular, I want to learn about everything ‘green,’ sustainable, and socially responsible. Earning the Master’s Degree at XXXX will provide me with the finest education possible for a lifetime of service as a real estate developer and a leader in my community.

My personal ethics of responsibility and commitment to community are ultimately grounded in the Confucian upbringing of my parents, both raised in China. Despite the fact that I was born and raised in California, the fact that my parents are first-generation immigrants from China has been instrumental in the establishment of my identity and sense of social cohesion and service. I speak Cantonese as well as Mandarin fluently and this has helped me enormously in my career in Real Estate due to the large numbers of Asians and especially Chinese immigrants that have settled on the West Coast of the USA. I look forward to continuing to develop a special outreach to Chinese and Chinese-American clients, taking great pride in my Chinese sensitivity, and providing real estate services that are specially tailored to Chinese clients. 

I have been working for Meridian Real Estate in Los Angeles for over a year and have been promoted from Development Associate to Project Manager. XXXX University’s Masters in Real Estate Program is the finest online program available and earning my Master’s at XXXX will allow me to study at my own pace while I continue in my full-time position with XXXX. My long-term goal is to make a positive contribution to my community and its surroundings, revitalizing impoverished neighborhoods through improved infrastructure and the creation of job opportunities. A real estate developer who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur, I am also fully dedicated to philanthropy and empowering the community. At some point, I hope to serve on our City Counsel overseeing community development projects. My city, XXXX, California, has rapid access to no less than three major freeways, thus we are well positioned to become a development hub for the entire XXXX Valley.

I am a Project Manager and I am happy with that title. But I want to earn the Master’s Degree in Real Estate at XXXX so that I will learn to become an increasingly sophisticated and creative project manager, especially in terms of working to make sustainable architecture profitable as well as environmentally friendly. I especially look forward to doing more research concerning the demand for housing and its relation to interest rates, along with real estate cycles and bubbles, and the growth and decline of urban developments. As Project Manager at XXXX Real Estate, my most recent project was the development of a 1.23 acre lot in the blighted neighborhood in Azusa, California, building a senior housing facility serving mostly low-income families. I was instrumental in getting the concessions that we needed to make the project economically feasible. I have also been instrumental in the landscaping, windows and solar panels; and worked very hard to foster a long term relationship with the local municipal government. Now, with the state-of-the-art education that I will receive at Georgetown, I plan to put my advancing knowledge to good use by putting XXXX, California and the surrounding area at the forefront of creative real estate development in all of Southern California, revitalizing impoverished neighborhoods through infrastructure renovation and job opportunities.

As Project Manager, I have negotiated a $5 million construction loan with lenders, created investment packages for potential equity partners including returns and hurdle rates, and delegated with the city, gaining incentives for affordable housing development. Though I am not extraordinary in any particular aspect, I am well rounded and can see the big picture. I have sound negotiation skills and excel in fostering collaborative relationships with relevant parties.

My family comes from a background in the education field as owner/operators of a private preschool and non-profit after-school program. Through the years I have been inspired by how they have touched thousands of lives by empowering children through education. My parents have worked especially hard to help children in lower income neighborhoods. They have attained subsidies for funding tuition for these families. My father has also been a senior advisor for the city for the past decade.

I have watched my parents rise from the bottom tiers of economic stratum and struggle through many hardships to realize their dream of opening a private preschool and non-profit after school enrichment program to give to children in impoverished neighborhoods what they never had. Growing up, I have watched my parents first-hand touching thousands of lives through education and volunteer work. As time flew by, their business began to pick up and our family has had the good fortune to become a little more affluent, now owning and operating several initiatives dedicated to low income earners and senior citizens. Local city officials asked my father to join the City Council as a senior advisor in 2000. Since then, he has participated in numerous non-profit foundations, city meetings, advising the mayor and other members with such things as the   10- and 20-year development plans. At home, I would listen with rapt attention to his stories and I now intend to follow in his footsteps in my own way.

I seek to continue with my family tradition of serving to enrich the lives of our community members, especially those in need of a helping hand. For me, the best way to do this is to give my all to a lifetime of development of lower-to-middle-income housing, attaining subsidies for families in need, as well as participating in green and/or sustainable development, forever fostering eco-friendly environments for those in greatest need.

I thank you for considering my application to Real Estate at XXXX.


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