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MSRED, Master's Real Estate Development

The Masters of Real Estate Development (MSRED) Program at XXXX is my first choice among Master’s Degree Programs as I feel strongly that it is the best program in the country for me to meet my objectives of a full immersion into real estate at an academic level. This is especially true since I seek …

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MS Real Estate Development Arab-American Applicant

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and then later in North Carolina, my father is from the Middle East and my mother from North Africa. Thus, I have grown up noticing, appreciating, and celebrating diversity. We moved from Detroit to North Carolina for my freshman year in high school and built a n…

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MRED, Indian Sikh Real Estate Development Professional

Being accepted to and completing XXXX University’s Masters in Real Estate Development Program will be the crowning achievement of my life. After earning my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in 2010, I accepted a position with XXXX Capital Group in New York as an Analyst in the Equity Resea…

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Real Estate Southern California, Chinese American

I believe that I posses the right qualities for the achievement of excellence in your rigorous Real Estate Program at XXXX University: dedication, diligence, and a very high level of motivation that keeps me working way into the night. I see your program as the finest of its kind online and studying…

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Personal Statement Real Estate Development

I have my heart set on earning my Masters Degree in Real Estate Development at the XXXX School at XXXX University for several reasons. Most of all, I want to savor the experience of graduate school and learn as much as I can, so I prefer a two-year program. Among 2-year programs, XXXX is definitely …

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Masters Real Estate, NYC, American Woman

XXXX is my first choice for graduate school primarily because I see New York City as the dynamic cutting edge of real estate development in America. Even though I was born and raised in San Francisco which has a lot to offer culturally and economically, I have fallen totally in love with NYC. XXXX n…

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