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Masters Food Science, Development, African

I hold a bachelor's degree in Food Science from XXXX University and have fiveive years’ experience in product development, food technol,ogy, and research.   My goal in pursuing a Master’s degree at XXU is to acquire the high-level skills and knowledge which will enable me to assist in providing practical solutions to the problems related to the feeding of those living in the less developed economy, especially in Africa. My long-term career goal is to lead a research proprojectsn a private company or NGO to provide reliable, affordable, and nutritious foods to the economically deprived.

I am a fully bicultural Kenyan-American and find that the easy availability of a wide variety of high-quality, long-life food is taken for granted by many in the ‘first world countries’ but having been raised in Kenya, I have witnessed the difficulties arising in less advanced economies. Dependence on a narrow range of foodstuffs that often spoil very quickly and irregularity of quality and supply are examples of the many reasons people suffer food insecurity in Africa. From my earliest years, I intended to ‘makedifferencece’ rather than ‘makelivingng.’ When I saw the abundance here in the US and contrasted this situation with that in Kenya, I resolved to study Food Science and use the knowledge acquired to make a difference for the benefit of those living with food insecurity, primarily in Africa but also in developed food economies.

I have worked in various settings in various to,les and this experience, along with my undergraduate studieprovideside an excellent basis for me to ‘value’ the program and benefit from it. I look forward to sharing the fruits of my own life, academic, and work experience and being friendly and profiting from the experiences of my fellow students.

The program is my first choice because now that the Institute of Food Technologists has recognized the program as the premiere in the US. Several of my colleagues are currently enrolled and recommend the program as highly challenging but providing a very supportive academic environment and research opportunities and as one being at the ‘cuttiedgege’ of work in this field. The online program will also enable me to pursue my employment without interruption and apply what I learn in today's day-to-day work.

My general area of interest is Food Chemistry because it is an area in which I feel that opportunities to meet my overall goals can be met. Specifically, I would like to develop my understanding of the relationship between the structure of food molecules and their functional properties to improve the nutritional aspect of foods. I hope that it might be possible to assist in a related research project within the program.

I am aware that research, especially research leadership, calls for specific auniquemon characteristics such as determination, patience, ability to approach problems with creativity and originality, and the ability to communicate innovative ideas with wpreciseecis ion and high-level planning skills. I believe that I have demonstrated these characteristics in my work and research to date and intend to develop them to the very best of my potential through my participation in the program and present and future work.

To summarize, I consider myself a highly motivated, well-qualified applicant who will bring valuable insights to the program. I can assure the reader of enthusiastic and diligent participation in the program if selected and a determination to excel rather than merely succeed.

Thank you for considering my application.

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