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Masters Communication Disorders, Progressive Causes

A naturalized US citizen born in Germany, for as long as I can remember XXXX has been my home. Thus, XXXX University is a natural choice among Master’s Degree Programs in Speech Language Pathology. I hope to be selected to contribute to the diversity of your program based on my great passion for and…

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Masters Computer Science, Saudi Arabian Applicant

I was fascinated with computers from my first experience of them and this fascination has developed into a passion as my education has progressed and I have thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate education in IT at the prestigious University of Jeddah and gained my degree in 2015. I have excelled in my…

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Biotechnology Masters, Chinese Applicant

It has always been my intention to ‘make a difference’ rather than merely to ‘make a living’. My wish to join this Master’s program is a further and important step in enabling me to make that difference. I can think of few areas of work and research that can provide such general and vital benefits a…

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