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Public Health Cancer Epidemiology, Chinese

The Department of Epidemiology at the XXXX School of Public Health is my first choice for graduate school because I feel strongly that it is the best Public Health program with a focus on Epidemiology in the world. A Chinese man who has worked intensively in English since I was six years old, attend…

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SLP Speech Pathology Masters, ADHD, Chinese

A young Chinese woman who is full of life and a very hard worker, I am certain that I want to have a long professional lifetime that is full of both children and older people since both are an integral part of my personal professional vision for making my fullest contribution to society, especially …

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Mental Health Counseling, NYC, Chinese


My central dream is to become a licensed counselor and to tive my professional life to the promotion of the mental health of my community, particularly the wellbeing of members of Asian communities. XXU’s Master’s Program in Mental Health Counseling is my first choice for graduate school b…

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Masters Accountancy, New York City, Chinese

The particularly distinguished Master of Accounting Program at the XXXX School at XXU is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons including the sheer excellence and highly respected nature of your Master’s Program in Accounting; your location is another huge factor. I see New Yor…

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PHD Information Systems, Chinese

I was fascinated by numbers from my first arithmetic lessons. While others struggled, I saw patterns and possibilities and even beauty. So my love of mathematics began and developed into a fascination with computing and on to the business applications of mathematics and computing which has led me to…

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Master’s Program in Statistics, Chinese

Your particularly distinguished Master’s Program in Statistics at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because of the sheer quality of your program reflected in the thoroughgoing nature of the curriculum and your attention to applications of statistical models as well as theoretica…

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Masters Statistics Personal History, Chinese


Raised in China where my exposure to English was very limited, coming to America and enrolling in college represented a great challenge for me. But the hard part was yet to come: getting good grades. While I wish my grades could have been higher, given the uphill battle that I confronted to br…

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LLM Intellectual Property, UK, Chinese


My awareness of the enormous good that lawyers can do, and an interest in pursuing the law as a career, came in 2012 when I was working as a medical volunteer among the underprivileged in Tunisia.  I was helping young drug addicts in the slums and came into contact with young lawyers working f…

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Masters Statistics, Economics, Chinese

I was fascinated by numbers from my first arithmetic lessons. While others struggled, I saw patterns and possibilities and knew, even then, where my future lay. I was lucky to receive strong encouragement in my passion from my parents even if my great enthusiasm for numbers was a little mystifying t…

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