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MPA Singapore, Environment and Water Resources

altI am applying to your Master’s Program in MPA-ESP Program at XXXX because I see it as the finest of its kind in the world with the curriculum and research focus that is best aligned with my own long term goals and professional interests in the areas of public service and environmental protection. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as someone from Singapore with current experience working with the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. Singapore is the world’s only major city state. Thus, the challenges that we face in Singapore - with no more land to build on and forced to build up or dig down - are of general interest to the rest of the world due to the singularity of our response to a unique situation.

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Leadership in Health Administration Fellowship Statement of Purpose, Nigerian

Nigerian graduates are required to undertake a year of National Youth Service. Because of volunteer experience in hospital administration, I had an opportunity to join the administration team in a non-profit home and clinic for physically challenged children.  However, shortly after taking up the role, it was decided to close the home because of funding shortages and serious organizational failures. I made a case for keeping it open, I pleaded for a chance to ‘turn things around’ and the local government officials reluctantly agreed. I organized a successful fund raising campaign, persuaded pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies to donate, persuaded some physicians to volunteer their services and improved staff training and co-operation.  This success resulted in my receiving a state award for exceptional community service.

From both personal and working experience, I am acutely aware of the contrasts in the way hospitals in Nigeria and those in the US operate. Administration in Nigeria is sometimes chaotic and corrupt and this impacts on patient welfare.  I spent time in hospitals as a child and I also lost a sibling because of avoidable confusion in a Nigerian hospital. Having given birth in US hospitals, I have observed stark contrasts in the organization of health services.  I want to identify and import ‘best practice’ into my country’s pediatric health services and see the fellowship as an excellent way to enable me to do so.

I am undertaking Master’s degree studies in Health Care Administration and expect to graduate in spring of this year. I have a cumulative GPA score of 4.0 which will provide assurance as to my academic ability and potential, and also my passionate interest in the subject. I see the role of health administration primarily as providing a platform to enable healthcare providers of all grades to perform their roles at optimum effectiveness. I see the removal of any administrative obstacles as being a basic matter and one that should be subject to constant monitoring and appropriate action. I would seek to minimize the administrative demands on clinicians while simultaneously enabling them to have easy access to necessary supplies and equipment and relevant, accurate, reliable and up to date patient, statistical and other relevant information. I am especially interested in rotations that are relevant to the administrative and clinical interface such as; Clinical & Administrative Operations (which will enable me to effectively manage the medical department’s staff and services  to  increase efficiency with patient treatment, clinical protocols, and regulatory requirements for safety), Decision Support Services Supply Chain Management (to help me address tactical, strategic and operational problems), Patient quality and safety ( to help me to promote patient safety and measure health care quality delivered), Education Administration (to help me develop the skills needed to be an effective administrator), Compliance (to teach me how to monitor adherence to regulations and statutes governing healthcare systems).

I know that my goals are ambitious and that leadership skills are going to be vital to their achievement. I have always studied the character and techniques used by good leaders and teachers in my work and studies and seek to emulate them.

My direct experience of health administration in the US is limited but much of my work has called for the kind of inter-personal and organizational skills that are directly transferable. I do have volunteer experience in health administration locally which has provided valuable insights into US health administration.  I am about to begin an unpaid healthcare internship at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center this spring in the US to gain on-the-job training and exposure to health care management activities and assist the organization to accomplish special projects and tasks.

I understand that fellows are exposed to a wide variety of current and challenging administrative issues, and are tested in both interests and skills in several departmental rotations and projects. I am result driven and goal oriented. My personal and professional experiences have prepared me to face and overcome obstacles and challenges and I look forward to demonstrating my commitment, determination, diligence and passion.

A Master of Public Administration is a professional degree for anyone seeking management positions in government or nonprofit organizations.

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Sample Statement of Purpose 1st Paragraph for Graduate School in Public Administration, the MPA Degree

My central professional dream is to start a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for the social needs of young people in the city of Camden, New Jersey, my home town. The best way that I can think of to make progress towards this long term professional goals is to begin by earning my Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I hope to be selected to your distinguished MPA Program at XXXX University because of the thoroughgoing and rigorous nature of your curriculum and the progressive ethos of your department, with a concern for social justice and equality issues and a full embrace of diversity.

Public Administration PHD Statement of Purpose, Korean Applicant, also speaks Chinese

The XXXX School of Public Administration at XXXX University is my first choice among doctoral programs because of the sheer excellence and comprehensive nature of your curriculum. I also very much appreciate the well-established character of your especially distinguished program, its long history and excellent track record at producing leaders in our profession. The PHD Program in Public Administration at the XXXX School graduates not just great public administrators but also cutting-edge scholars.

A very hard working student from Korea where I finished both my BA and MA Degrees in Public Administration, nothing excites me more than research in our field. I am ready to hit the ground running at the XXXX School and could not be more confident of my dedication to excellence, taking full advantage of the unique opportunities that you offer to first-year students to become fully immersed in research. I look forward to contributing to the celebration of diversity and professional camaraderie in your program at Syracuse University as a Korean woman with excellent language abilities and communication skills; not only in English but also Chinese, my third language, at which I am at an intermediate stage and continuing to improve.

I adapt quickly to new environments and learned many valuable things that will help me to excel in your program, especially as a result of studying for one full year in Germany as an exchange student. In addition to Germany, this enabled me to see much of Europe including France, England, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland. In Berlin, I not only studied German public administration very closely but even visited government offices in person for real-world exposure. I also had the invaluable privilege of spending 3 months in the Philippines completing a research internship in the area of Finance and comparative Philippine and Korean development trends.

I am fully engaged with everything having to do with public management, collaborative and participatory governance, human resource issues, and particularly non-profit management and governance. I have worked as a staff member for an NGO that collaborates extensively with the Korean Government and this has heightened my passion for research concerning the interaction between private and public sectors. Most of all, I look forward to an intensive and prolonged study of gender representativeness and bureaucracy. I especially admire the research contributions of Professor XXXX in Public Management at the XXXX School because of her brave and pioneering efforts involving questions of gender and representativeness. It would be a special honor for me to study under Dr. Schnell and hopefully she could become my academic advisor and guide me in my research concerning women and human organization in Korea. I am also very much engaged with the literature on transparency, anti-corruption, and good governance and I came to a better understanding of the complexity of these issues, in part, as a result of working for the Economic Development and Cooperation Fund (EDCF) of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, an agency dedicated to fomenting economic development.

I especially appreciate the potential of public-private financial partnerships that help governments to address deficits through the utilization of financial structures that include private investment. I see this as a potentially hopeful strategy for overcoming the hurdles that we face along the road towards the reunification of North and South Korea. This was one of the reasons why I was so thrilled about the opportunity to study in Germany, since I am now very well read concerning the German process of unification of East and West, the bumps along the way, and strategies that helped not only to make the unification possible but also propel Germany forward as Europe’s undisputed economic leader. I look forward to teaching Public Administration in Korea as well as working for or with both governmental and non-governmental agencies. My focus as a Master’s student was primarily on enhancing quantitative understandings for research. I presented an article using the Instrument Variable Model along with my colleague in the Korean Association for Government Studies. My thesis project dealt with gender representativeness and organizational integrity, with female leadership as a moderating variable. This research is now under review at a peer-reviewed journal.

Service to the members of my community is a deeply engrained part of my character. As an undergraduate student, I joined the ROTARACT Club and gave lessons to students in need of special assistance and visited old people living alone. Later, during my Master’s Program, I worked with the Korean-Chinese Youth Exchange Program hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Finally, I also worked as a Research Assistant for more than a year, collecting and editing data and conducting basic searches for material to help my advisor with his research.

I thank you for considering my application to the XXXX School at XXXX University.