Nurse Education/Management, Anesthesia

I am especially excited about focusing on nursing education and also learning as much as I can about management as a DNAP student of Nursing Practice at XXXX University. I feel strongly that my professional experience so far will enable and inspire me to excel in your program since I have served as Assistant Director of Didactic Education for the CMC/Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of XXXX for almost 2 years; in addition to serving as a CRNA for a full decade prior to beginning my current position.

XXU is my first choice among doctoral programs since I want to study online and continue in my present position working full time while I earn my doctoral degree. I have my heart set on XXU, in particular, because of your well-established presence online and your emphasis on and proven track record in the area of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP). I see your educational track as especially well developed, creative, and progressive and I your path to the DNAP as my ideal option that will most inspire me to grow as a leader in nurse anesthesia education.

For me, the greatest clinical contribution is always one patient at a time with special attention paid to the family. I see compassion as an integral and indispensable part of pain management and I most prize diligence, attentiveness, and the sense of moral purpose that I bring to Nurse Anesthesia. I can imagine nothing that would be as satisfying as devoting the balance of my professional life to the education of new generations of nurse anesthetists, preparing the finest professional caregivers possible. I say to my patients, “trust me, I will get you there.” In the future, I want to say this to my students as well.

My sense of civic self as a CRNA led me to serve in a variety of areas as a volunteer over the course of my nursing career. My most salient experience was my work with the Sisters of Mercy at their shelter for victims of domestic violence at XXXX’s House in Belmont, NC. I look forward to a professional lifetime of special concern, engagement, and service in this area as well.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX University.

The Student Nurse: Introductions - Why I wanted to be a nurse?

Albanian Applicant Statement of Purpose in Nursing Sample, DNP Application, Women’s and Reproductive Health

Born in Albania, my family moved to Greece before I turned 2 years old and by the time that I was 10 we had established a permanent home in Florida. I take great pride in being a nurse who fully embraces diversity and especially proud of the fact that after Albanian, Greek, and English, I also became fluent in Spanish. I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished DNP Program at XXXX University because I feel that I am the best fit with your curriculum - given your extensive treatment of Women’s and Reproductive Health - the area in which I very much look forward to cultivating a specialization throughout the course of decades to come as a nursing professional.

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