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Sample Fellowship Application Material, Nutrition

On completion of the XXXX fellowship, I look forward to contributing to progressive change and economic development primarily in Nigeria, in the areas of nutrition, health, employment and economic empowerment – especially for marginalized communities. In Nigeria, death from malnutrition accounts for 2.77% of total deaths, coronary heart disease 2.82% and strokes 3.66%. I seek simple, low cost, and highly intelligent solutions to combat this great toll, such as encouraging and promoting the production of date fruits at the local level in schools in coordination with simultaneous promotions at state and federal levels. I want to educate everyone that I come into contact with concerning the benefits of dietary flavonoids and Vitamin D supplementation, doing as much public speaking in this area as possible. I look forward to paying special attention throughout my career to women and girls because when you empower a girl you empower a nation. In particular, I want to have a share in encouraging girls in Africa to pursue science, technology and also engineering – particularly with respect to food production but a host of other areas as well.

I want to oversee the development of healthy household snacks as well as meals, especially those geared towards children. I will appeal to the great compassion that women have and their love for their children to get them engaged in this issue through interaction with and mentoring of students in community schools and other places, empowering them to become agents of change.

Sample Research Proposal, Nutrition

I plan to devote my professional lifetime to the study of cardiovascular disease and its risk markers and why it is on the rise in most low and middle income countries, now accounting for over 31% of global deaths. I look forward to paying special attention in my research to the way in which cardiovascular disease is multifactorial, most particularly how it can but can be prevented or alleviated by good nutrition. I want to closely study how the consumption of fruits and vegetables which contain a bioactive component called flavonoids reduce the risk of several chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency have also been linked to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular risk markers and the emergence of complications in cardiovascular disease cases. (Ambuj et al., 2015; Harikrishnan et al., 2015). Flavonoids are a family of biologically active polyphenolic compounds found in fruits, vegetables, tea and red wine. I see these issues of nutrition and cardiovascular health to be especially critical in my country, Nigeria, since political violence and the displacement of so many hundreds of thousands have desperately aggravated malnutrition and the pathogenesis of various non-communicable as well as communicable diseases.

Thus, the central aspect of the research that I seek to undertake is to investigate the effects of dietary flovonids and Vitamin D supplementation on vascular health and cardiovascular risk markers through a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that assesses the effect of dietary flavonoids and Vitamin D supplementation on vascular function and cardiovascular risk markers;, the mechanism of action and its bioavailability, and particularly the minimum dosage required to effect a positive change in vascular function.

MSc in Human Nutrition will improve your knowledge of clinical, metabolic and molecular nutrition while also learning about the issues affecting public health.

Masters in Applied Human Nutrition

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Sample Statement of Purpose for the Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, Indian Applicant

Although raised by a mother who was very aware of the need for a varied and healthy diet, my father developed Type 2 Diabetes and this spurred a special interest in this disease which is unusually, and increasingly, common among South Asians. I have undertaken significant private study into the causes and treatment of this disease. Diet is clearly a basic factor in both preventing and controlling the disease and I passionately hope to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to assist people to identify  and adopt health-preserving diets and especially in relation to this disease.

A degree in Food and Nutrition can take you anywhere.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the DDS Degree as an International Dentist

A dentist from India with 5 years of full time experience practicing dentistry in my home country, I am now a permanent resident of the USA and have been making my home in Boston for the past year-and-a-half. I hope very much to be accepted to your program so that I might resume my career here in America and in this way help to support my family and educate our children. On my recent vacation, I went back to India and helped to organize volunteer dental camps for Dr. XXXX with an emphasis on preventive dentistry, which I see as the foundation of helping the underserved in my country of origin. I also spent considerable time with Dr. XXXX, helping her with her research focused on medication for neurodegenerative disorders, one of my own research interests as well. I very much appreciate the global solidarity that characterizes our profession and I look forward to many decades to come of living, learning, and doing everything that I can to help those who are most vulnerable among us, the underserved; flying back and forth each year between Boston and my roots. India shall always be with me.