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Mental Health Counseling, NYC, Chinese


My central dream is to become a licensed counselor and to live my professional life to promoting the mental health of my community, particularly the well-being of members of Asian societies. XXU’s Master’s Program in Mental Health Counseling is my first choice for graduate school because o…

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Biotechnology Masters, Chinese Applicant

It has always been my intention to ‘make a difference rather than merely make a living. My wish to join this Master’s program is an essential step in enabling me to make that difference. I can think of a few areas of work and research that can provide such general and vital benefits as Biotechnology…

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Masters Accountancy, New York City, Chinese

The particularly distinguished Master of Accounting Program at the XXXX School at XXU is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons, including the sheer excellence and highly respected nature of your Master’s Program in Accounting; your location is another huge factor. I see New Yo…

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MPH, NGO Africa, Uganda, Indian

I have been involved for some time in raising funds for a charitable organization called GlobeMed, which has a sister organization in Uganda called ‘Set Her Free’ – a non-profit organization working to provide health, education, and rehabilitative services to young girls in Uganda. I had heard descr…

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International Dentist, Published, Indian

A dentist from India who completed my education in 2013, I also had the invaluable privilege of completing an internship for one full year before moving to America, having the opportunity to care for the oral health needs of some of the world’s neediest people, many hundreds of them. I hope to be ac…

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PHD Social Work Mental Health Counseling

My professional research interests are primarily in empirically-based mental health treatment models to assist children and adolescents with mental health issues and delinquency behaviors. XXU is my first choice for earning a Ph.D. because I feel I am a good fit for your program. While I admire all…

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PHD Information Systems, Chinese

I was fascinated by numbers from my first arithmetic lessons. While others struggled, I saw patterns and possibilities and even beauty. So my love of mathematics began and developed into a fascination with computing and on to the business applications of mathematics and computing. This has led me to…

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MSW, African-American Woman, Justice System

I will finish my Social Work undergraduate studies this coming May. I have my heart set on pursuing the MSW Degree at XXXX University because Providence is my home and the most convenient location for me to continue my studies at the graduate level. Here, I have the full support of my family, mentor…

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MSW, Military Social Work, PTSD

XXXX University is my first choice for earning my MSW Degree because of the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that Los Angeles has always been my home. Born and raised in LA, my mother’s family is in Mexico, and I have visited them yearly throughout my life. Thus, I am a thoroughly bilin…

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PHD Biostatistics, Multilingual Chinese

I was fascinated by numbers from my first arithmetic lessons. While others struggled, I saw patterns and possibilities and even beauty. In Middle School in China, I was the winner of the second prize in the National Mathematical Competition, and this gave me great confidence in my ability and set me…

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Masters, Health Informatics, Business Intelligence, Data

Determined to contribute to future advances in healthcare provision, I seek to become a Business Intelligence Analyst who deploys Predictive Analytics and Big Data techniques in addition to traditional BI in this vital area. I am applying for The Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) Degre…

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Disadvantaged Status Essay for Dental School, Indian

I spent the first 16 years of my life in our native India before we immigrated to America. My country is very stratified regarding social class and education; subsequently, economic opportunities are generally very strictly allotted along class lines. Among the poorer classes of our society, very fe…

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DDS International Dentist, Sikh Woman, India

I am a strong candidate for dental school and look forward to contributing to the diversity of your DDS program as a Sikh woman from India for whom the honor and celebration of culture are significant. Now 24, I immigrated permanently to the US with my family at 16. Born in Punjab, India, I came fro…

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Master’s Program in Statistics, Chinese

Your particularly distinguished Master’s Program in Statistics at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because of your program's sheer quality reflected in the curriculum's thoroughgoing nature and your attention to applications of statistical models and theoretical foundations. I …

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Architecture Personal History, Ukranian Woman

My career path was set into motion long before my birth – my grandfather was a highly influential architect in our native Ukraine. As a result, many of our family discussions were about building new projects as I grew up. My family tells me that I inherited my talent in drawing and spatial vision fr…

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Masters Statistics Personal History, Chinese


Raised in China, where my exposure to English was minimal, coming to America and enrolling in college represented a great challenge for me. But the hard part was yet to come: getting good grades. While I wish my rates could have been higher, given the uphill battle that I confronted to bring my …

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Master’s Homeland Security, Military, Indian

I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished Master’s Program in Homeland Security at XXXX University because of the sheer excellence of your program and the depth and breadth of your curriculum. I am a natural candidate for a career in Homeland Security because of the intensity of my patr…

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Occupational Therapy Doctorate, OTD, African

Your distinguished Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) Program at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate study for various reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program. I decided on your schedule some time ago and have worked very hard for more than a year to complete t…

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LOR, Financial Engineering

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. XXXX. I have had the pleasure of working closely with XXXX throughout the time he was with us, and I marveled at his rapid professional development throughout that period. Thus, I have ultimate confidence in his abi…

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Development Studies Masters, Saudi Woman

As a young woman determined to carve out my professional space in Saudi Arabian society, I fully intend to have a successful career in business and finance. I am keenly aware of the many issues, and challenges women face in one of the world’s most patriarchal countries. I am also mindful of and sens…

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