SLP Speech Pathology Masters, ADHD, Chinese

A young Chinese woman who is full of life and a very hard worker, I am certain that I want to have a long professional lifetime that is full of both children and older people since both are an integral part of my personal professional vision for making my fullest contribution to society, especially here in America, and perhaps also back in the country in which I was raised, Taiwan, at least at some point. I especially look forward to practicing professionally in both of my languages, Mandarin Chinese as well as English.

UXX is my first choice for Graduate School in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders not only because I am currently finishing my undergraduate studies in Speech and Language Pathology at UXX and very much love my school and its location, but also because of the sheer uniqueness and thoroughgoing, interdisciplinary nature of your program, focused on exactly the part of human nature that I wish to study.

A student from China who is learning everything she needs to know not just about SLP issues and foundations, but also about Dallas, which for me serves as a microcosm in which to also learn as much as I can about the diversity of American culture and society. Every professor in our SLP Department at UXX is exceptionally wealthy in knowledge. I keenly look forward to study with some of them again on a graduate level once accepted into your Masters Program in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders. I also very much appreciate your first-rate facilities at UXX and the numerous opportunities that exist to do research and perform practicum. As an international student, I feel strongly that continuing as a graduate student at the same university where I finished my undergraduate studies will allow me to take full advantage of the time that I have invested in a social network of professional connections, many based in Dallas, which will also help me to excel.

My younger brother has ADHD and learning/reading disorder. Thus, I am already knowledgeable about many of the issues involved with childhood disorders and developmental challenges. I appreciate the vast effort and patience required on the part of family members who I see as having an integral role and instrumental importance at meeting the special needs of children with disabilities/disorders. I look forward to a highly in-depth study of why and how some parents take a very long time to realize that their child is even different than their peers. I hope to contribute to increasingly early detections, when treatments realize their best results, providing the most adequate foundation for the fullest and most satisfying life-style possible for the individual as he or she matures first to adolescence and then adulthood.

I have always loved working with children. Since high school, I have volunteered at our church as a religious teacher. I spend time with kids every weekend reading Bible stories, leading hymns, singing and playing with the children. I also tutor elementary school students in my community, helping them with their homework, especially math problems. After I came to the USA for college, I worked at an afterschool Chinese learning center as a teaching assistant, helping to manage the class and teach students math and Chinese. Now, I am working at a dental office as a patient coordinator working with all ages from infants only a few months old to some patients who are very elderly and I thrive on this diversity. I take special pride in my ability to calm and play with the children in the waiting room, some of whom are awaiting treatment.  I see every child as a gift from God. Thus, it will be a special honor for me to devote my life to supporting families as they face the challenge of having special children, helping those children and their families to live the fullest and most enriching lives possible. 

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