Masters SLP, Speech-Language, Filipina

Probably the strongest aspect of my application to your distinguished SLP Program at XXXX University (UXX) is that I already have over 2 years professional experience as an SLPA. From August 2013 through September 2015, I worked at a private clinic called XXX, with students diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism, ranging in age from infants to 21 years of age. My current position as an SLPA also has me most enthused about the prospect of embarking on graduate studies. Working at a medically based private practice and transitioning from one clinic to another has helped me to become more adaptable and heightened my appreciation for diversity, as well as providing me with the invaluable opportunity of getting to know numerous professionals in my field.

I graduated from XXXX University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology in May of 2013. I chose this major because of my desire to serve my community and because I excelled in this area. Throughout my childhood, I was heavily involved in community outreach programs through my local church which brought me enormous joy and satisfaction and this has helped to prepare me to take on leadership roles in SLP in the future, as an organizer, mentor, tutor, in my church and community, as well as neighboring churches and communities.

I simply fell in love with what I chose to do as an undergraduate student, giving my all as a behavioral tutor for children diagnosed with Autism, working closely with a broad variety of developmentally delayed children and their families. Every day I saw families suffer and struggle, breakdown, and at times lose hope. Coming from a military family with a professional ethic of discipline, for me, I excelled every day because helping these families to cope was something that I came to see as my own personal duty, not unlike the patriotic calling felt by other members of my family. My work is essential to these families and their need is very great; and I so give my 120% every single day in order to help them make progress towards again living a normal and fulfilling life.

For the past 2 ½ years since my graduation I have grown enormously personally and professionally, working as a SLPA, attending conferences, keeping in touch with professors, volunteering with the elderly in my community, and almost always reading the current literature in our field before I go to sleep at night. I work with many minority and under privileged families and I also do extensive research so as to familiarize myself with the characteristics of their special struggle. This is especially important since I also provide a lot of home training and education.

I look forward to a long lifetime of empowering Autistic and other developmentally challenged children and their families, providing them with the highest possible quality of care. I would love to someday open my own private practice for children with significant delays in communication and I look forward to many decades of interdisciplinary teamwork with social workers, OT professionals, psychologists, etc.

I love the diversity that I find in SLP, the richness of serving members of so many distinct communities and walks of life. I also look forward to missionary service in SLP in the future, spending extensive periods of time back in my native Philippines helping to train SLP professionals. As a Filipino woman I feel called to this service in particular, on profoundly spiritual levels, despite the fact that I have spent my entire life in the USA.

I am incredibly excited and already gearing up for each of all 4 of your specialized units and I am especially hungry for long hours in the laboratory. Very passionate about multilingualism and diversity issues, I pay close attention to how they frequently play critical roles in SLP, in order to provide the most effective therapy. I am already day dreaming about learning as much as I can in the areas of stroke and Aphasia, early intervention therapy, and catering to the special needs of at-risk communities. Wholeheartedly dedicated to lifelong learning in the area of Autism and ASD population, I am provided with a great sense that my work is a most noble cause, particularly given the way in which these populations have been growing so rapidly

Disciplined and very organized, I am continuously learning through my service to my clients who I dearly love. I never want to stop learning, thinking and creating because I find boundless joy in my work. Perennially positive and always resilient, if given the chance to receive an education on the cutting-edge at UXX, I will go that extra mile to excel and make full use of every tool and opportunity at my disposal. I have worked with various adults with AAC devices to program and teach proper use of these communication devices. I love the fact that UXX supports AAC devices and tirelessly perfects their research and work in this area. It would be such an honor for me to have the privilege of joining your academic community in SLP at UXX and I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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