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Ph.D. Public Health Management and Policy

My country, Ghana, is making impressive efforts to improve a flawed and fundamental public health care system. My goal in creating this application is to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to manage a governmental public health agency in Ghana and thus significantly contribute to improving public health. I have carefully researched the available programs and conclude that yours will provide the expertise, challenges, and support that will equip me to attain my goals.

My background is probably not conventional for doctoral study in this specialty. Much of my career has been spent in retail pharmacy, and I hold an MBA. My work has provided the degree of satisfaction and reward I initially sought from a job. However, over the years I have been a pharmacist, I have noted the gradual expansion of my duties to encompass preventative care and other aspects of public health efforts to improve outcomes and care quality.  I have developed a particular interest in these matters, which I have studied informally by wide reading of relevant journals, texts, and sources of healthcare-related statistics and by seeking information from other professionals in appropriate fields. I now seek to convert this informal but deep interest into a formal academic qualification to provide ‘cutting edge’ management, statistical, and research skills in this specialty to ‘make a significant difference.’ I also seek to acquire the leadership and training skills to enable me to help many others too to assist in improving the health of Ghana’s citizens.

I have been a Pharmacist Preceptor for five years, and, in this role, I have responsibilities for training and mentoring new pharmacists and ancillary staff. I have also led a Cardiovascular and Diabetic Education Workshop for my Ghanaian community for two years. I enjoy passing on my knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to others and providing direct preventative health education. I relate easily to people and have a well-developed sense of humor. I enjoy working in and leading teams, but I can work alone when a situation requires it.

 I undertook successful research during my MBA studies. I would not be applying for a doctoral program without having the confidence to state that I have the characteristics of an excellent researcher and have demonstrated these in my Master’s program.

I have not traveled widely but have lived in the UK and US and spent time in a student exchange in Sweden. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing knowledge of my own, and I look forward to the opportunity to do so in my time at UX.

I know many well-qualified applicants for doctoral studies at the Center. However, I do feel that I am an excellent candidate. I have worked at the ‘front line’ in healthcare for many years and have a practical and patient-centered approach to it rather than one that is purely academic and feel that this has equipped me with essential insights when dealing with the ‘big picture’; I have training and health education experience, and I am an experienced researcher. My main recommendation is a genuine passion for improving the health of my countrymen and women and equipping others to do so.

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