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Masters PA, Spanish Translator, Sports Medicine

Hilda was an indigent patient who spoke only Spanish, so I was called in to translate. The news was terrible, and it was my duty to deliver her the test results and the prognosis. Hilda had an inoperative brain malignancy. If the diagnosis had been made earlier, Hilda would have survived. I felt helpless, but this event fired in me a great wish to help people like Hilda, and it turned a career choice into a vocation.

 As part of my extensive preparation for the PA program, I have undertaken several health-related volunteer activities. One of these activities involved working as a Spanish translator at the XXXX Health Clinic in Tampa, where I met Hilda. I assisted nurses and physicians in communicating with their patients to diagnose, treat and educate them about their illnesses. This was one of the most useful and educative of my volunteer activities. I learned a great deal about effective and sensitive communication with patients and the importance of carefully observing non-verbal signals and responding to them.

 Another part of my preparation involved shadowing P.A.’s in Neurology, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedics. A particular interest in the Orthopedics specialty was fired when I witnessed the P.A. I was shadowing, inserting metal rods and screws in a corrective spine procedure for a scoliosis patient. This was a life-changing procedure that was going to bring tremendous and almost immediate benefit to the patient.  I have researched Sports Medicine, which interests me as a possible specialty in the future. In addition to being attracted to orthopedics, I also have an interest in plastic surgery because of a life-changing event of my own. As a child, I had corrective plastic surgery for a cleft lip, which was highly effective. I am powerfully drawn to the idea of helping children requiring such surgery, especially those whose parents cannot afford treatment.

 My father is a caring and highly effective primary care physician. I was always drawn to a healthcare career due to his influence and have considered the various career paths available in this area. Fortunately, my father had the contacts to enable me to observe and shadow multiple healthcare professionals. I have concluded that I can best contribute as a P.A. I am attracted to this career path for several reasons, the main one being the fact that so much of the working day is spent directly interacting with and assisting patients and the ‘hands-on’ nature of so much of the work. I also love the variety in duties coupled with opportunities to specialize at some stage.

  I have carefully considered the characteristics required to become a highly effective P.A. and believe I possess them.  I am academically able, observant, curious, and empathetic. I have good interpersonal skills and, not least, a well-developed sense of humor.

 I am aware of the importance of cultural sensitivity in providing health care. I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English, having a Spanish-speaking mother.  I have also spent significant periods in Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica. In addition, I have happily worked, studied, and socialized with people from many cultural and social backgrounds.

 I am aware that the program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I do consider myself to be an exceptional candidate; I have an excellent academic record which will assure my potential to excel in the program; I hold a bachelor's degree in a subject directly relevant to the program; I have carefully prepared myself for the program by a wide variety of volunteer activities; I have thoroughly familiarized myself with the work undertaken by P.A.’s. in various specialties. Most importantly, I offer a passion for healthcare and for giving excellent, caring service to others, especially the medically underserved and disadvantaged.

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