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MSC OT, Canadian Applying to Scotland


I hope very much to be selected for admission to the particularly distinguished MSC Program in Occupational Therapy at XXXX University because I would simply love to live in Scotland and I see XXXX as the finest OT Masters Program in the British Isles. A young Canadian woman, I want to remain in…

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OT Masters, Piano, Kinesiology, French Canadian

A French Canadian woman now 22, I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for selection to a Master’s Degree Program in Occupational Therapy because of my sheer energy and love of life. I play the piano, guitar, sing, swim, and do yoga. Thus, I feel that I have special gifts that serve to bri…

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OT Masters, American Woman, Love for Children

A sensitive young woman with a very special love for children, I was born and raised in North Carolina, where flight was invented and I have always dreamed big, eager to see the world. I hope to be selected for your distinguished Master’s Degree program in Occupational Therapy on the basis of my int…

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OT Bridge Program COTA to Masters, Pakistani

Your Master’s of Science Program in Occupational Therapy at the XXXX Institute of Technology (NEIT) is my first choice among bridge programs from COTA to the Master’s Degree in OT. I am especially attracted to the idea of weekend classes. I have gotten to know students from the XXXX who graduated as…

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