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MPH Public Health Administration, Oman, Dentist

A dentist from Oman, I am keen to learn everything I can about public health and health administration. For this reason, earning the Master of Public Health Degree at XXXX University will enable and empower me to meet my central career goal of doing all that I can to improve health care in Oman, generally speaking, and oral health care in particular. I look forward to studying public health and health administration issues in depth, focusing on those especially relevant in the context of the Middle East, particularly Oman. Of particular importance to me is the issue of access to oral health care for the underserved in Oman and how this is part of the challenges we face in terms of access to health care.

Born and raised in Oman and knowing since I was a teenager that I wanted to become a dentist, I first earned my high school diploma in 2004. I moved to England for two years to study intensively in preparation for dental school, first earning my International Science Foundation Certificate (2005), followed by my Pre-Dental Certificate (2006). I graduated from dental school in Oman and practiced full-time for four years, also in Oman.

I have also been engaged for some time now in my independent study of the unique challenges faced by my country in the areas of public health and health administration, always with an eye to opportunities to enhance or expand opportunities for access and care for the poorer members of our society. Earning my Master’s Degree in XXXX at XXXX University will provide me with the advanced research skills in the public health sector that will enable me to make my most entire contribution to the advancement of access to public health services and care in Oman, especially insofar as this involves oral health care.

A half-century ago, Oman had only two hospitals. There has been constant advancement in my country, however, in the development of public health infrastructure and initiatives, including those which provide some access to the system to those with the fewest resources.  However, the quality of medical care in rural areas of the country lags far behind that available in Muscat. Having practiced dentistry in rural and urban areas of my country has enabled me to witness this disparity in the quality of care that is available. The government has a strong presence in the public health sector, but even more, progress has occurred in the private sector, with Oman now seen as a regional healthcare hub. The government has even enjoyed some moderate success in its efforts to provide access to primary health care not only for all Omani citizens but even expatriates based on a development model of inter-dependence of public and private healthcare sectors.

I thank you for consideration of my application to earn the Master’s Degree in Public Health at XXXX University.

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