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MPH, Online Masters, Afro-Caribbean Woman

At the center of my intellectual and professional interests stand the prevention and management of chronic disease and the search for ways to improve health at the same time that we reduce both costs and healthcare disparities, especially through the intervention and development of a better understanding of SES factors. I hope to earn the MPH Degree so as to be able to harness the full power of science, social and physical, to the cause of improving public health outcomes. I look forward to developing special expertise with respect to the ethics of public health administration and I hope to earn the Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Public Health Policy and Management at the University of XXXX.

As an Afro-Caribbean female, single parent, and the first member of my family to graduate from college let alone graduate school, I am fortunate in many ways. The youngest of five children, all of my siblings are more than 10 years my senior, I grew up pretty much alone in an underprivileged and crime stricken neighborhood. I have triumphed over very difficult odds during my academic and professional career.

Earning the MPH Degree at XXXX will enable me to develop precisely the kinds of preparation and credentials that I need to make my maximum contribution to health care management. While there are a variety of reasons why XXXX is my first choice among MPH programs, most of all I am simply enthralled with the sheer breadth and depth of your curriculum with its thoroughgoing treatment of the comparative effectiveness and quality of care, and, in particular, access to that care. My primary professional focus is to develop the skills and knowledge that I need in order to be able to fill leadership positions in healthcare and policy development and the option that you have at UNC-CH to focus one’s studies in the area of management, in particular, is especially well suited to my professional goals. 

I plan to continue to work full-time and I see your MPH Program at XXXX as the finest online program in the world, especially in terms of user experience. I love your website and feel excited every time that I arrive; because it is my connection to furthering my education and my career, my link to the future. Nothing excites me as much as learning to adroitly apply a fuller understanding of the fundamental components of health care systems, delivery, and financing in assessing the impact and consequences of policies and laws affecting health care, evaluating solutions proposed along with regulations, market pressures and contingencies, etc. Another thing that I appreciate about your program at XXXX is your thoroughgoing treatment of racial/ethnic disparities, diverse populations (i.e. language, disability, etc.) health care access, spending, quality, and the overall health and wellness of the population 

I want very much to earn the MPH Degree so as to become adept at the comprehensive evaluation of programs and policies using data analysis, program monitoring, needs assessment, economic evaluation, and statistical and analytic methods. I look forward to synthesizing information about the American political system, political institutions, organizational goals and values, resources and power structures so as to better understand health policymaking processes. I want to perfect my ability to interpret data sources, variables, learn to use cutting-edge programming tools, and enhance my skills at data collection so that I will be fully prepared for optimal performance in the area of public health policy analysis and program evaluation.

The tragic life circumstances to which I have been subjected have provided me with a special opportunity for excellence, as I see it, as a public health professional, because of the vast amount of study that I now have invested in the area of kidney failure and its treatment. After the birth of our daughter, my fiancé became ill, and was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). I managed all the different aspects of his treatment and it was very stressful; but it did result in my developing an advanced grasp of this area of public health. There were different doctors to consult, many tests to schedule, and research so as to fully understanding his special care instructions and get an adequate grasp on the big-picture of public health issues in the area of kidney disease. I served as his advocate, ensuring he received proper care and recruiting the help of others. After spending approximately 11 months on dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant, he succumbed to the disease and died of renal failure.

There were over 50,000 people on the kidney transplant waiting list, prioritized by how long they had been on the list, their blood type, immune system activity, and certain other factors. The demand simply outstrips the supply. Inspired by this recent experience and seeking to make the most of my personal tragedy and loss, I have continued to learn about kidney disease, building upon what I already know, and I look forward to continuing to do so as a graduate student in public health, working to raise awareness as a volunteer so as to prevent kidney disease as well as improving early detection and treatment.

Completing the MPH program at XXXX will enable me to continue to work towards my professional goal of becoming a leader in the public health profession, wrestling with complex public health issues and challenges. I will become an interdisciplinary expert in the area of public health problem-solving and progressive policy-making for private as well as government agencies. I will learn cutting-edge strategies for collaborating with other professionals, communities, and consumers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health care programs and policies. Most importantly, I will learn how to conduct and incorporate research findings in specific community practice settings and to recognize and evaluate ethical or legal issues in public health and professional practice.

I thank you for considering my application to the MPH Program at XXXX.

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