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LLM Masters International Law, Europe, Italy

I have grown up in a family of judges and lawyers, and I am sure that this has a great deal to do with the reason why I have chosen to study law as well. I have listened to intense discussions of the law at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day as long as I can remember and I trust that this has helped to prepare me for absorbing what I will hear in law school and putting it to good work as I build my own career. Nevertheless, we are Italian and my family only discusses Italian law. For my part, I hope to distinguish myself in the area of international law: thus, I want to study in English.

 I am a very highly motivated woman and serious for only 24. I have dreamed of practicing law ever since I was a child, but it is different from the Italian law of my home. I thrive on international accord and solidarity based on the rule of international law among Nations. My ultimate long-term dream would be to be employed by the United Nations or to become a diplomatic staff. As with many of Italy’s best, I do not want to live in Italy.

 I will be graduating from the XXXX University (Law Faculty) in Naples this coming February of 2011. I have a well-developed passion in administrative law, international public law, and criminal law. My father is a civil lawyer, and I often work with him; I go to the court with him, and when we return to his law firm, I study theory about what I have seen in practice. I have traveled through the UK, Spain, Germany, France, and Mexico, but I am especially fond of New York and would like to study there at some point, perhaps in a doctoral program down the road.

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