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Multicultural Law School Admission Applicant

I humbly ask for admission to your distinguished LLB Program at XXXX University so that I may prepare myself for a long and productive career in the area of international law. I especially appreciate how, through commonly accepted legal frameworks, international organizations and sovereign nations c…

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LLM Masters in International Law, Middle Eastern

As a young man from Lebanon, taking an interest in International affairs comes naturally. We Lebanese live daily through a cauldron of conflict: political, economic, and even physical. We are especially keenly aware, many of us, of the need for clear-headed dialogue rather than fighting. Any many of…

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LLM Masters International Law, Europe, Italy

I have grown up in a family of judges and lawyers, and I am sure that this has a great deal to do with the reason why I have chosen to study law as well. I have listened to intense discussions of the law at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day as long as I can remember and I trust that this has h…

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