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International Dentist DDS/DMD, Indian Applicant

Having completed dental school and gained extensive experience practicing dentistry in my native India, I have made the USA my permanent home. I ask for admission to your competitive DDS program to become the finest dentist possible. I seek to give my all to advancing preferential treatment for the …

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DDS International Dentist, Sikh Woman, India

I am a strong candidate for dental school and look forward to contributing to the diversity of your DDS program as a Sikh woman from India for whom the honor and celebration of culture are significant. Now 24, I immigrated permanently to the US with my family at 16. Born in Punjab, India, I came fro…

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International Dentist Admission, Indian Applicant

I was raised in a ‘medical family.’ My mother is a gynecologist, my father works for a pharmaceutical company, and my uncle is a dentist. When it came to making a career choice, I was torn between medicine and dentistry. My uncle offered me the opportunity to ‘shadow’ him for a time to help me decid…

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Residency Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Syrian

Born in Damascus and immigrating to the USA 15 years ago, I have successfully adapted my Middle Eastern identity to my new character as a professional that has fully Americanized. I have dental degrees from my native Syria (1996) and my DMD from the University of Pittsburgh. As a result of my very h…

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DDS International Dentist, Iraq, Jordan

A good smile is a priceless asset in all societies, but this is perhaps especially true in my culture. I have seen the enormous difference that dental treatment can make in giving someone the confidence to smile easily and without self-consciousness. I know that dentistry can change a person’s life.…

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AEPD, Pediatric Dentistry, Hispanic

I have maintained a direct path to the opportunity and challenge of an Advanced Education Pediatric Dentistry (AEPD) program. Pediatric Dentistry is my particular passion, my lifeblood, and the area that I know best because I spend so much time reading, writing, and discussing pediatric dentistry. W…

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International Dentist, Political Refugee

I am a dentist who was granted permanent residency when I came to the United States one year ago as a political refugee fleeing, along with my family, the ethnic cleansing taking place in our native Bhutan. Now, I feel it is my calling to serve this beautiful new land that has adopted me; I want to …

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CAAPID Application Sample, International Dentist

Awarded the DDM degree in the Philippines in 2011, I was included on the Dean’s List five times and was the beneficiary of a corporate scholarship.  After qualifying, I initially worked as a General Dentist for several months in the Philippines and, since August 2011, have been employed as a Dental …

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