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Since childhood, my enthusiasm empowered me to excel at school. I always wanted to have goals and ambitions as perfect as arrows in archery, aiming at the circle's center. Consequently, I chose biology though many choices were open to me. Moreover, there appeared no better way of applying scientific knowledge than studying and practicing medicine which made me a medical student. I never regret my choice,e and for that matter, I regard it as one of the best choices I have made. My goal in life is to become a successful Internist and an academician,n which will give me a chance to help mold future doctors.

 My interest in Internal Medicine sprouted during my medical rotations. Working with a wide variety of clinical conditions and conscious of the need for a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating these conditions, I decided to settle on Internal medicine as my area of specialty. I love how internal medicine requires building long-term relationships with patients. Since I was a medical student, I have been interested in research and remain actively engaged. 

 I thoroughly enjoyed my medical education and participated in several voluntary projects. I especially enjoyed setting up screening and referral services for six days in a remote,e underserved area. That was a highly satisfying and humbling experience. I also organized a fundraising program for blind children, which was very successful. Medicine is a prestigious,well-rewarded profession and is uniquely essential. I believe that doctors should 'give back'backociety by sharing their skills and knowledge with those most in need,d and this is what I intend to do. Working on these projects was always a team effort,t and I utilized the opportunity to learn a great deal about how an effective team is organized and run. I especially enjoy working as a team towards a common and desirable end,s both following and offering direction for achieving team goals.

 I know that cultural sensitivity has particular importance in Internal Medicine. Having overcome the challenges in a change of cultural environment, I regard myself as well qualified in this area. I have been socialized by the many people I have worked with from many different cultural and social backgrounds,s and I would like to continue these enriching experiences in your residency program.

 Following graduation, I worked as a physician assistant in a few hospitals in India before leaving for the US. I have completed an Externship in the Department of Internal Medicine and observerships at two hospitals. These experiences have confirmed my choice of specialty and familiarized me with the local medical environment and practices. I firmly believe that I am now ready to take the next step in my medical career.

 I know that many healthy qualified applicants will be for this famous specialty. However, I do believe that I am an excellent candidate. I have an ideal academic record reflecting my diligence; I am an experienced and enthusiastic 'team player'; I love working directly with patients,s and I want to do so on an alontermmm basis now thoroughly familiar with the US medical environment. I believe that I have the potential to become a first-class Internist and I am keenly looking forward to giving my all to your residency program.

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