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A dentist from India who completed my education in 2013, I also had the invaluable privilege of completing an internship for one full year before moving to America, having the opportunity to care for the oral health needs of some of the world’s neediest people, many hundreds of them. I hope to be accepted to you our competitive program for international dentists on the basis of my solid preparation and experience along with my efforts here in America to prepare myself for you program. I am especially proud of the fact that I am now published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences on the subject of: Prevalence of Dental Caries and Treatment Needs in 3-5-Year-Old Preschool Children in Rural Muradabad District, India.  (April 2015, Vol 7, Issue 4) and in Holistic Nurse Practice (2015; 00(00):1–6) on the subject of: CAM Modalities for Musculoskeletal Pain among Dental Professionals in East India. I also now have 2 full years of experience as a Dental Assistant and almost 6 months of research experience here in the USA as a research Volunteer at University of XXXX at XXXX College of Dentistry so I have become quite knowledgeable concerning US research work, patient expectations, dental insurance, state-of-the-art software used in clinics etc.

I chose dentistry as a career in response to the vast ignorance, especially in India, about the very basics of oral health care. People use brick powder, burnt wood ashes, coal, Neem twigs and many other materials to clean their teeth. Having been very interested and active in the arts and crafts since childhood, I especially enjoyed learning exercises in tooth carving and preparing plaster models as a student. I loved the idea of alleviating pain and restoring both function and esthetics at the same time. Before moving to the USA, I organized oral health education and oral screening camps in my village and I was successful in creating awareness about oral health in that particular population. In addition to my research in India into the subject of dental caries in children, I also completed extensive research concerning occupational health issues among dentists and the management of musculoskeletal pain among dentists.

Over the course of the past 8 years I have spent increasing amounts of time with my family who live in Illinois and I have now been a permanent resident of the USA myself since 2007. As a dental student in India on visits to the USA, I made it a point to visit a few dental schools. I was fascinated by the research work going on, higher standard of education, and the latest advances like CBCT, implants, CAD CAM and so on. It was then I made up my mind to further my dental education here in America so that I can become a world-class dentist practicing in state-of-the-art facilities. I have spent most of the almost two years since my arrival in America working as a Dental Assistant and observing dentists, so far a total of 9. This is providing me with the opportunity to compare different treatment plans and different clinical styles of a variety of excellent dentists, particularly pediatric dentists since this is my area of greatest interest, dental care for children.

I have also been very active as a at the XXXX Family YMCA (Child Community) in XXXX, Missouri. I also volunteered as a Dental Assistant at the XXXX Dental Camp, ONU Campus in Bourbonnas, Illinois and helped with a breast cancer awareness campaign for the Sinai Health Systems in Chicago last year as well. These experiences as a volunteer here in my new home, the USA, have been among the most profound joys of my life. Earning the DDS/DMD Degree will enable, empower, and inspire me to continue on in a lifetime of services in addition to my professional practice. At some point in my career I hope to re-engage with dentistry in India, also as a volunteer.

Presently, I am assisting in the research laboratory of Prof. XXXX a Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at the UXX and it has been an honor for me to learn and work with her. I am learning about research methodology, how to prepare mediums and culture specimens. I have always believed that natural products have great potential for preventing and even curing many oral diseases and I am especially engaged with research in this area. In my free time, I am always reading about things like how cranberries and grape seed extracts attack and destroy oral bacteria. Since dental caries is the pandemic disease that is most common in children, I would like to introduce oral health care awareness programs more extensively into schools. I hope to earn a Masters Degree in Pediatric Dentistry and develop a treatment protocol for special needs children. I hope to teach part time as I continue to practice.

I have spent the last two years shadowing and assisting some of the finest dentists in America, subsequently familiarizing myself with an abundance of information about the best way to run a dental clinic, from front desk management of patients to ethics in dental practice and the latest techniques and resources for dental care. I thank you for considering my application.

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