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Indian Dentist Personal Statement Sample, Cleft Lip Palate

I am a genuinely motivated dental practitioner with a solid commitment to leadership and helping the underserved. I do not hope to secure a stable income in dentistry or attain an impressive list of accolades for my resume. I am not involved in my gain: I will dedicate my career to helping the underserved.

One underserved group I am fiercely passionate about is cleft lip repair patients. After graduation, I joined a Government Hospital in my hometown in India to learn more about surgery. I learned a lot by doing extractions and jaw fracture management, but I also saw numerous infants affected with an orofacial cleft, specifically cleft lip and palate (CLP).

When working at the Government Hospital, I received a clear overview of CLP patients’ needs and related problems and the oral health of CLP patients living below the poverty line. A considerable percentage can not afford to undergo permanent treatment. This experience touched me profoundly and motivated me to apply for this program. I did my best to refer the parents of the affected infants I came across to the necessary specialists willing to do pro bono of this nature as much as possible.

However, I also have had a very personal experience with CLP. One of my closest friends is affected by CLP. She was cruelly bullied at school, and I often took action to help her. She experienced shallow confidence because of her teeth and lip appearance. My heart is set on assisting individuals in liking her.

After my inspiring experiences at the Government Hospital, I joined a private dental clinic with an orthodontist who impressed me enormously with his treatments. He motivated me to do a residency in orthodontics. During that time, one of the cases that impressed me the most was another cleft palate patient who had undergone surgery. The change was extraordinary, and the joy on the patient’s face was palpable. At that moment, I knew I had to become an orthodontist and perform free treatments on the underserved who cannot afford cosmetic dental treatment for cleft palate.

This congenital disability has changed my life. I intend to serve underserved patients presenting with this issue in India and the United States.

Another area that interests me deeply and I believe will aid me in my mission is leadership. After organizing dental camps and dental education programs in schools and colleges, I realized how the administration could affect large numbers of people positively. Almost four thousand children benefitted from the events I ran. I received a warm letter of appreciation for this community service. Later, I also worked as a lecturer of prosthodontics in India for 2,080 hours, conducting regular classes, supervising dental students, and participating as a test instructor in developing mock exams. This experience broadened my knowledge and matured considerably due to the leadership involved.

Additional voluntary experience includes: working with giving Kids a Smile, MOM and MOM Special Olympics in Richmond, VA: serving underserved communities, and volunteering at the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia. I have also volunteered at U.S. dental clinics for 1,744 hours.

About my studies, I was granted the Best Scientific Paper Award for my presentation and case study on distraction osteogenesis in maxilla and mandible at a state-level anatomy conference, as well as a certificate of excellence for outstanding performance in curricular activities from my university.

However, I am strongly compelled to take my academic career to new heights. I know I can receive the best education the world can provide at your institution. Please allow me to bring my passion to the table and be one of the most outstanding students there. Thank you for considering my application.

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