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Indian Dentist Personal Statement Sample, Cleft Lip Palate

I am a genuinely motivated dental practitioner with a solid commitment to leadership and helping the underserved. I do not hope to secure a stable income in dentistry or attain an impressive list of accolades for my resume. I am not involved in my gain: I will dedicate my career to helping the under…

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International Dentist, Published, Indian

A dentist from India who completed my education in 2013, I also had the invaluable privilege of completing an internship for one full year before moving to America, having the opportunity to care for the oral health needs of some of the world’s neediest people, many hundreds of them. I hope to be ac…

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Disadvantaged Status Essay for Dental School, Indian

I spent the first 16 years of my life in our native India before we immigrated to America. My country is very stratified regarding social class and education; subsequently, economic opportunities are generally very strictly allotted along class lines. Among the poorer classes of our society, very fe…

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DDS Applicant, American in Pre-Med Course

My uncle and brother are dentists, so dentistry was certainly a career that I considered when I left school, but I decided that I would pursue a business career. I graduated summa cum Laude with a GPA of 4.0 in Business from the University of XXXX. Still, I soon decided that a business career would …

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Internship Foreign Dentist: Implantology Europe

I qualified as a dentist in 2009 at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and am currently in my second year of study towards a higher degree in Dentistry. I commenced my career in general dentistry, but I have developed a great interest in restorative dentistry, particularly implantology, which I see a…

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DDS Advanced Standing International Dentist, Indian

If you were to look into the waiting room of a typical US dentist’s office, you are likely to see several relaxed-looking patients reading magazines. If you look at those queuing for treatment at a free dental clinic in India, you will see many swollen faces, pain-filled eyes, and smiling faces of t…

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Residency in Orthodontics, Saudi Applicant

Most of my childhood friends were anxious about visiting the dentist. My reaction was quite different; the dentist’s office was one of my favorite places. I was intrigued by the equipment and liked the atmosphere. I especially liked the dentist, who was friendly and funny and always told me what a g…

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DDS Admission, Dental Hygienist, Vietnamese Woman

The youngest of eight children, I am the first to attend college because my parents developed such high hopes for me and worked so hard that we might have at least one professional in our family. I studied biology at the university in my home country of Vietnam for three years until we immigrated to…

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Dental School Admission, Iranian Woman, Pre-Med

My uncle and brother are dentists, and so dentistry was certainly a career that I considered when I left school, but I decided that I would pursue a business career. I graduated ‘summa cum Laude with a GPA score of 4.0 in Business from the University of XXXX, but I soon after decided that a business…

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Dental School, Korean Immigrant Applicant

I am a Korean, born and raised in Korea until the age of 16, when I moved to the U.S. with my family. I am bilingual in Korean and English. I hold a BA degree in Chemistry awarded by the University of Virginia.

 If you were to walk into the waiting room of the average dental surgery in most countri…

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DDS International Dentist Admission, Nepalese

If you walk into the waiting room of a dentist in the US, you are likely to see a group of relaxed-looking people reading magazines. If you walk into the waiting area of a free dental clinic in India or Nepal, you will see many swollen faces and pain-filled eyes.  The value of a skilled and dedicate…

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DDS Degree, Dentist from Iraq

I came to America from my native Iraq three years ago. I distinguish myself through determination and dedication, which won me a spot on Iraq’s Olympic Swimming Team. I served with the US Army as a translator and cultural adviser. Working with United States Army enhanced my ability to work in a team…

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DDS Admission Application, Asian Woman

What first fired my interest in dentistry was suffering an accident two years ago that resulted in a fractured jaw. I required extensive oral surgery and became interested in the work undertaken to repair the damage done. During the process, a close relationship developed with my surgeon, and I have…

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DDS Admission, Jordanian Immigrant Woman

I am a Jordanian woman, born and raised in Jordan until the age of 13, when I moved to the United States. I currently reside in California. I speak Arabic, English, and some French. I anticipate the award of the B.S. degree in Biology in May 2012 from California State University. My goal is to quali…

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Dental Hygiene Master, Vietnamese, Dental Missions

I am a Vietnamese woman who was born and raised in Vietnam and have been resident in the US since 2001. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene, awarded by the University of XXXX in January of 2009.

I was raised in a country where people usually seek the services of a dentist only when in pa…

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DDS Dental School, Shadowing, Korean Immigrant

"Smile, say cheese," I said to my family before taking a picture. Everyone smiled except my father. Whenever I think of my father, he reminds me of a poker face because he is a person who never talks and smiles. Even as a child, I feared my father because he always looked rugged. His attitude had le…

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DDS, Dental School, Dentist Father Role Model

Since my father has been a practicing dentist in Rhode Island for the past 28 years, since the year I was born, I have had constant exposure to the practice of dentistry throughout my life. I am incredibly proud of the fact that he has always provided care for people irrespective of their economic s…

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