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Masters Computer Science, Saudi Arabian Applicant

I was fascinated with computers from my first experience of them and this fascination has developed into a passion as my education has progressed and I have thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate education in IT at the prestigious University of Jeddah and gained my degree in 2015. I have excelled in my undergraduate studies to a degree that I have been awarded a government scholarship for a Master’s program. Local skills in Saudi Arabia in Computer Science are not widespread as the practice has been to ‘buy in’ expertise rather than to create Saudi experts. This situation is now changing and my goal is, ultimately, to become a pioneer and leader in the field at the highest level and to exploit the significant opportunities that now exist in my country for local experts. I hope to undertake research and teaching as well as providing consultancy services to major companies and to government.

I have carefully researched available programs and conclude that your own is an excellent ‘fit’ to enable me to achieve my goals. I am currently perfecting my English Language skills at XXXX, having arrived in the US just over one year ago, and so am familiar with the admirable ethos and culture of the school. I am seeking a prestigious program that will provide a highly challenging but supportive academic environment and I am confident that XXXX will provide it with its excellent faculty, broad curriculum and ground-breaking facilities. I also look forward to exchanging knowledge and ideas with students who are as devoted to the field as I am myself. I hope to assist in meaningful research and see that the opportunities to do so are exceptional within the XXXX Master’s program. My particular interests are in the growing field of cyber-security and in operating systems.

I am aware that successful research calls for uncommon characteristics and skills which are perhaps less emphasized in the academic environment from which I come than they are in the US. I have sought to ‘fill the gap’ in this respect by successfully completing a certificated course in ‘Innovative Thinking Skills and Problem Solving’ in 2013. I believe that I have the ability construct clear goals and to face problems creatively and originally and have attempted to develop these skills whenever possible in my undergraduate studies. In my academic career to date, I have acquired wide exposure to computer languages and applications which forms and excellent foundation for further study.

Since arriving in the US, I have sought to gain an insight into the US culture and improve my language skills while also undertaking socially useful and interesting activities. I am a member of Toastmasters International to develop my public speaking and leadership skills. I have been a member of the Saudi Students’ Association at XXXX assisting newly arrived students to settle in and to adjust to the culture here. I have also undertaken volunteer work for ‘Feed America’. I am an outgoing person and I constantly seek to expose myself to new experiences, activities and people. In my spare time, I read widely, I love music and enjoy learning about new cultures from the multi-cultural population at XXXX.

I may be unusual in seeking to join a program of higher studies without any professional experience. I am keen to pursue the Master’s program in order to maximize my usefulness to a future employer and accelerate the reaching of my goals rather than undertake a relatively junior and undemanding role for which a bachelor degree would qualify me.

To summarize: I have a directly relevant bachelor degree; I am very keen to acquire research skills and believe that I have the personal characteristics and potential to become an excellent researcher; I have embraced a new culture with exceptional curiosity and enthusiasm which are natural characteristics which I shall apply to excelling in the program. My main recommendation is a passion for my subject and a determination to go as far as I am capable in the program and in my career beyond.

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