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CAAPID Application, Foreign Trained, International

After earning my degree in Dental Surgery in my native India, I almost immediately began to put long hours into practicing; but, I also made it a point to continue to study on as well, and to lay the foundations for eventual specialization in dentistry. I graduated from dental school in 2011 and earned my Master of Dental Surgery Degree in 2015 with special concentrations in Prosthodontics and Implantology. My first step after dental school before earning my Masters was to complete a Certificate course in Implantology through the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI).

I keenly look forward to a long professional lifetime always complete with ongoing and in-depth participation in oral health research. After earning the DDS here in America and becoming licensed to practice dentistry, I will not stop learning and progressing in my capacity and knowledge – especially in certain areas; maxillofacial prosthesis and CAD CAM dentures in particular.

.I grew up in a middle class home in Delhi. My mother and father were white-collar workers. My father worked for some time early on in the Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare, my mother for India’s Council of Medical Research. Since both of them were surrounded by doctors at their work place, they both encouraged me in this direction. It is deeply, sadly ironic that my father would encourage me as a child and adolescent to grow up and become a doctor, despite his progressively deteriorating health as a chronic alcoholic. His alcoholism inflicted great harm in every way that almost precluded my having the capacity and resources that are generally required to get accepted to dental school.

I was really introverted as a child, and I tried to avoid social gatherings. Eventually, I started directing my focus and attention to academics, and began to excel with grades always at or near the top in every subject. I scored well in my tenth boards that allowed me to take up Biology as a subject at my undergraduate level. I really loved studying about living things. At Manipal University of Dental Sciences, new scientific worlds opened up to me and I began to explore several areas of dentistry in depth, even on my own outside of the classroom. By my second or third year of dental school, my heart was already sold on Prosthodontics, which I see as an art form, designing dentures, prosthesis, crowns, etc.

I spent three years earning my Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics in one of India’s finest schools, fully immersed in my area of dentistry, working with countless patients alongside a really great staff. My duties included the rehabilitation of completely edentulous patients with removable prosthesis, fixed implant supported prosthesis, full mouth rehabilitation with tooth supported crowns, using the Hobo’s and PMS techniques, rehabilitation of partially edentulous patients with removable cast partial dentures, cast partials with precision attachments, esthetic rehabilitation and smile designing appliances for the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorders, Nothing fascinates me more than maxillofacial prosthesis. At one point, I even fitted a child with a prosthetic eye.

My paper and poster presentations at various national and state level conferences have always brought me special joy and I have also won a variety of prizes or awards as a dental student, especially in the area of Prosthodontics. I engaged in in-depth research on many topics including acetal resin clasp, spark erosion, and my thesis topic: a comparative analysis of a spectrometer and camera with a polarizer. I aced the postgraduate university examination by securing the first rank in my department and stood in the top ten in the whole university. After finishing my post graduation, I came back to Delhi and started working at private clinics. Later I joined Clove Dental, one of the largest dental chains in India, as a consultant prosthodontist.

My difficult early years helped to make me strong resourceful and adaptable. As a result of a lot of very hard work and practice, I have been able to achieve very high performance levels as a dentist. Since February of 2016 I have been with Clove Dental and the way in which my capacity has grown in leaps and bounds was not lost on my supervisor who promoted me to Clinic Manager and Senior Consultant. In October of last year I was promoted to Clinic Head at Clove Dental. I have a flair for organization and mediation; under my leadership, our clinic has already begun to increase our revenue and do an excellent job at retaining our patients.

I have continued to remain single because I do not want anything to interfere with my full time devotion to advanced education and ongoing experience in dentistry, 24/7. My father did spend enough time sober when I was in dental school to help me with some of my expenses and I am grateful to him for that, grateful for many things, and especially grateful that my application is being considered for your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists because continuing my studies in America has been my central dream for some time.

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