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Residency in Orthodontics, Saudi Applicant

Most of my childhood friends were anxious about visiting the dentist. My reaction was quite different; the dentist’s office was one of my favorite places. I was intrigued by the equipment and liked the atmosphere. I especially liked the dentist, who was friendly and funny and always told me what a good boy I was after the examination. I decided early in life that I wanted to be a dentist and never wavered in this decision.

 Following graduation, I undertook a one-year internship at four hospitals as required. After completing the training, I worked as a resident dentist at the Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh for a further year. I encountered many orthodontic cases during this time, which were identified through screening sessions. My first exposure to orthodontics mainly involved complex cases because these were adults, and treatment had usually not been provided at the optimum stage in dental development. Consequently, I spent much time consulting with orthodontists and took full advantage of them to learn about their work. I was highly impressed by the rigor of their planning, the excellent care they applied in their work, and the beneficial outcomes achieved. I became fascinated with this field of dentistry, especially when I became aware of the exciting rate at which treatments were being developed. I became determined to pursue a career in orthodontics myself.

 I hope to join a challenging residency program in orthodontics to acquire high-level skills and knowledge of the most current treatments and techniques. I am especially interested in early orthodontic treatment and hope to participate in research in this area. I have undertaken compelling studies and believe I have the characteristics of determination, diligence, and thoroughness required to excel in research work. I am very interested in cleft lip and palate and hope to join a team providing treatment for this distressing condition. I hope to contribute to the body of dental research in my home country and advance the role of preventative early orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. I also intend to teach in a school of dentistry as I enjoy sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

 I believe it is relevant to my application to provide some details regarding the fellowship in Orthodontics Clinical Research in which I am currently participating. This is geared toward broadening and enhancing my knowledge and skills to prepare me for enrollment into an ADA-accredited residency program in orthodontics. It has participated in diverse didactic and clinical orthodontic experiences, including orthodontic record taking and keeping, database maintenance, diagnosis, and treatment philosophies and regimens. I have also been involved in shadowing and assisting orthodontic residents, and when completed, I will have treated up to 30 of my patients.

 I know cultural sensitivity and awareness, especially in a healthcare environment. I have familiarized myself with the US dental environment; I have interacted with people from many different cultural and social backgrounds since coming to the US and have thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I look forward to being part of an international program and exchanging the fruits of various professional backgrounds.

 I know there will be many well-qualified applicants; however, I believe I am an exceptional candidate. I have been exposed to many, often complex, orthodontic cases and have been involved in consultations covering diagnosis and treatment. I also have proven skills in research and am keen to apply and extend these. Most importantly, I offer a real passion for orthodontics and a commitment to active and enthusiastic participation in the program.

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