Residency in Family Medicine, Nigerian


It is now some years since I practiced as a physician in Nigeria. However, I have spent the intervening period working in a medical environment in the US with which I am now very familiar. In addition to my medical related work in the US, I have maintained a close interest in recent medical developments through reading periodicals; frequent contact with US physicians, interns and patients and attendance at medical seminars.

My father was a Nigerian diplomat and so we were often required to move. I have lived in several countries and regard this as advantageous in many ways; however my education was disjointed and conducted in several different languages. My undergraduate education was undertaken in a prestigious institution but was mainly in the medium of Russian in which I was not entirely comfortable; as a consequence, my results were not ‘stellar’. However my post graduate training in Nigerian hospitals was enjoyable and successful. I completed internships in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. I went on to practice in the areas of Pediatrics, Ob/gyn and in ER in various hospitals in Nigeria before moving to the US.

I now seek to join a supportive and challenging residency program that will provide the skills and knowledge that I can bring to an underserved community. I consider Family Medicine as the specialty most suited to my interests and characteristics. I am interested in a ‘holistic’ approach and this specialty will fully utilize this interest. I also seek wide variety in the conditions and patient types that I shall treat. I am aware that the aged will make up a growing proportion of patients and I have an affinity with old people that derives from my African heritage in which the old are afforded particular respect and consideration. I know that Family Medicine calls for a particularly high level of diagnostic skill including sensitivity to non-verbal signals when engaging with patients, diagnosis has always fascinated me. I get along easily with others and this will enable me to foster trusting and long term relationships with patients. I am also interested in preventative medicine and know that this is especially important in the poorer communities in which I hope to serve. I have a genuine interest in the welfare of others and a passionate desire to help those who it is in my power to assist.

I am interested in assisting in research relating to the effects of the aging population on health care provision and into steps that can be taken to ensure adequate care whilst mitigating the ‘stretching’ of available resources e.g. through increased emphasis on prevention and especially patient education.

I understand that cultural sensitivity is particularly important in this specialty. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many different cultural and social backgrounds in a life that has been spent traveling around, and living in, different countries. I am also multi-lingual being fluent in English, Russian and French and having some understanding of several other African and European languages. Witnessing the distressing effects of a lack of medical resources in some countries led me to decide to be a physician.

I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for residencies in this popular specialty but I genuinely consider myself to be a very good candidate. While there will be candidates who have more recent experience who can demonstrate better academic results, there will be few who can equal my personal suitability to the specialty nor my passion to maintain and improve patient health and especially that in underserved communities.

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