PHD Information Systems, Chinese

I was fascinated by numbers from my first arithmetic lessons. While others struggled, I saw patterns and possibilities and even beauty. So my love of mathematics began and developed into a fascination with computing and on to the business applications of mathematics and computing which has led me to this point in my life and to the writing of this statement. My interest in the business applications of mathematics and computing led me to pursue two degrees in those areas, specifically in Information Technology and in Information Management and Systems.

I have attended many courses in computer theories and applications during my undergraduate study, courses that included Data Structure, Operation Systems, Assembler Language like Programming with C Language, and Principles of Database System. Those courses helped to develop my fascination with abstract symbols, figures, vocabulary and language. In addition, my study at Kennesaw State University offers a wealth of opportunities to enhance my analytics foundation. As an undergraduate, I worked with two three classmates by using Google Analytics results to measure improvements to enhance a travel website.  I was responsible for the data of website and any necessary analysis in order to measure the website performance.

I acknowledge a lack of experience in R, SAS, STATA and Matlab, though I am currently learning R programming through the medium of on-line tutorials and textbooks. I am determined that I shall attain competency prior to the commencement of the program.

I have now reached a point where I need to choose the specific field in which to specialise and work.  My academic background, interests and career ambitions have all drawn me to Data Analytics which, I understand, is a vital component in the success of any large enterprise, institution or government department. I am also excited at the possibility of being involved in a ‘pioneering’ field in which new methods and techniques are being developed and applied and I wish to be involved in future advances in the specialty for the common benefit.

I make this application with the intention of acquiring the skills and knowledge that will enable me to work for a large Chinese company dealing with ‘big data’ and in assisting that company in the formulation of effective business strategies.

While I cannot claim to have relevant professional experience, the fact that I hold two Bachelor degrees both of which involved participation in several ‘real world’ projects, will I hope be treated as overcoming this deficiency sufficiently. My academic career has also provided me with an excellent and comprehensive grounding in computing and its business applications. This is not only relevant to the program but has also honed my skills in planning and approaching problems logically and finding and applying elegant solutions to them. I am sure that these factors will enable me to ‘add value’ and bring useful insights to the program.

In 2014, I worked as an intern at the Fenghua library in their technology department for several months where I was responsible for the computer systems, network infrastructure construction and maintenance. The need to ensure that information is easily accessible and stored logically and economically is an excellent exercise in the application of logic and of placing oneself in the ‘customer’s shoes’. This has been a challenging and interesting experience which has added to the store of skills and knowledge that I hold and is also, I believe, relevant to this application and my work in the future.

My quantitative score on the GRE test is not, I admit, particularly impressive but I would point out that the mathematics score was very good. I do not believe that the former is a true reflection of my ability as I sometimes do not react well in situations in which I am being tested, as in this case.

Having carefully considered the programs available, I am drawn to your own because of the prestigious faculty, the comprehensive curriculum and the opportunity to be involved in ‘real world’ projects yielding real benefits. My particular area of interest is in Marketing Analytics, I have an excellent grounding in Marketing gained during my studies to date which will, I believe, provide an excellent ‘starting point’ in this particular area of study.

I undertake enthusiastic and diligent participation in the program during which I look forward to sharing the fruits of my own studies and experience and in benefitting from those gained by my student colleagues and the faculty.

Thank you for considering my application.

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