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Pediatrics Residency, Developing World Focus

I was born in Seattle, Washington, and spent my early years among the magnificent towering pine trees of the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle is the best of both worlds; a thriving metropolis surrounded by the natural beauty of green forests.

 I come from a family of academic achievers.  My father earned his Ph.D. in economics, and my mother received her bachelor’s degree in child psychology.  I am the second born among seven brothers and sisters.  Growing up in a large family of unruly children was like a course in child behavior.  I learned that each child has unique, with special qualities that need to be drawn out and encouraged.

Moreover, I learned early on that I really enjoy being around children.  Coming from an ethnic background with an emphasis on loving family values has dramatically empowered me to persevere in my goals and aspirations.  Both my parents have always encouraged me to strive for excellence. Growing up in a multicultural environment has taught me the importance of tolerance, unity, and diversity in society.

 During my childhood and adolescence, I had to go through frequent hospitalizations and surgeries for different reasons.  During this process, I learned about various caring and competent pediatricians.  They treated me as though I were their own daughter.  Their warm bedside manner left a lasting impression on me.  It was not only their care that went an impact; they helped me to get better and completely recover my health. This experience ignited a passion within me to work as a healing physician with young people.

 Years later, I was accepted into medical school. The day I started my pediatric rotation and entered the pediatric ward was the day I realized that I had indeed found my calling in life.  Of course, I am sorry to see children suffering from various infirmities and injuries.  Yet, I feel a particular affinity for every one of them. Since I am petite and look young for my age of twenty-six, children feel very comfortable around me.  With the further specialized training I hope to receive at your institution, I am confident that I will be able to help them overcome whatever obstacles they may be facing. 

 During my internship year, I worked for four months in general pediatrics and one month in pediatric surgery. I also worked as a medical intern at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.  The attending staff in Toronto was very kind and very sharp.  They told me that I have good clinical analysis and awareness.  I found the environment of Toronto to be delightfully refreshing.

 My parent, siblings, and extended family all celebrated my graduation from medical school cum laude.   For the past six months, I have worked as a pediatric resident in one of the leading hospitals in Saudi Arabia, my family’s country of origin.  I have adapted well to the stress of being continually on call.  Working in clinics, emergency departments, and inpatient wards, I have the privilege of dealing with various cases. I also have had the opportunity to teach medical students and found that to be both challenging and inspiring.  I always maintain a good relationship with all my colleagues.

 Despite the comfortable work situation, I am in at present, I feel that being part of your pediatrics residency program will enable me to hone my abilities better and advance my capacity to provide the ultimate in care for sick childrenYour institution provides the latest in cutting edge treatment and an environment where an individual physician’s abilities are encouraged to flourish.  If selected to your program, I intend to apply myself to the utmost and use what I have learned to provide top-notch health care; not only in America but, someday, I hope to devote myself to improving medical care in the developing world.  

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