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PA Master’s Degree Applicant, Chiropractor USA

I am very keen on outdoor pursuits especially hunting and fishing, and, consequently, spend much of my spare time in rural Nevada pursuing these interests. I have come to love the wilder parts of Nevada and the local people who have an exciting view of life and a heart-warming neighborliness to a townsman like me. As a Chiropractor, I have taken an interest in healthcare provision in these communities and learned, from locals, that it is relatively scarce and often provided by PAs.

 I want to work in a rural community providing healthcare because of my affinity for the people and, my love of the ‘great outdoors.’  The forming of this desire coincides with a wish to expand my medical knowledge. I am a Chiropractor with ten years of experience, and, while I know that I perform a helpful service, it is pretty limited in its scope. I am restricted in the clinical decisions and treatments that I can offer and want to broaden my skills and knowledge to be able to treat patients of many types, suffering from a wide variety of complaints. I firmly believe that the role of Physician Assistant would meet my requirements while enabling me to provide a wide range of medical services to underserved people in a rural setting.

 I have very carefully considered the role of the PA, and it has enormous appeal. I am used to working independently but also collaborating with other healthcare professionals; I have considerable experience in providing immediate treatment and interacting with patients, which is the reason I entered healthcare work; I endeavor to treat each patient as I would a family member; I believe that my current and substantial chiropractic knowledge, skills and experience will be beneficial supplements to the breadth of PA skills, this is especially true in a society where the elderly will make up a greater and greater proportion of the population, I often treat elderly patients and enjoy gaining from their wisdom and insights; I am very experienced in diagnostics, within the limits of my specialty and I also understand the significance of non-verbal communication when making diagnoses; my background would enable me to provide instrumental input in areas of research related to my work in such areas as spinal joint replacement or synthetic intervertebral disc replacement.

 I also believe that I possess the characteristics required of an excellent PA, which are not significantly different from those I am required to display in my current work. I am analytical in my approach to problems, determined, intellectually curious, and patient-centered in the process of my work.

 It may be appropriate for my application to admit that my undergraduate grades were not ‘stellar.’ The reason for this is that I was obliged to work very long hours throughout my studies as my father was unable, through illness, to run his business and needed me to do so on his behalf. This situation no longer applies, and I undertake to give the program my total commitment not merely to perform adequately but to excel within it.

 I am fully aware of the need for cultural sensitivity in healthcare provision. I am not widely traveled but have studied, worked with, and treated people from many cultural and social backgrounds and have enjoyed doing so. I speak sufficient Spanish to enable me to treat Spanish-speaking patients, and I intend to extend this knowledge.

 I know that the program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I feel I would be an asset to my class and an exciting addition to the ‘mix’ of students as I shall be able to provide some very useful and interesting insights from a fairly long career in healthcare provision.

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